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What is so important about kissing during holidays? Changmin doesn't know the answer to that because he and Jaejoong has not done any real kiss ever since they dated formally. Yoochun and Junsu aren't helping and they are just making Changmin annoyed.

"You should try to initiate it, Minnie. Jaejoong hyung is just waiting for you. He is thinking that you might not be ready for it. And you know what, he might kiss another girl if you don't do it tonight",Junsu teased while he smooches with Yoochun on the couch.

Changmin glared at the pairing and continued to read the newspaper. He spotted a good article but the word kissing caught his eyes once again and the noise YooSu are making isn't helping him at all. Their manager already announced that they will be celebrating Christmas in New York and he hasn't planned any special event for his Jaejoong.

"Minnie-ah, you are staring too much in the article. Have you eaten?" a warm hug made Changmin almost jumped from his seat. It was Jaejoong.

"Are you being teased by YooSu once again? Don't mind them. Come here, I need some hug right now.I am freezing" Jaejoong grabbed Min's hands and placed it on his chest while he smell Min's perfume.

Changmin just froze and was like a robot waiting for another movement from his lover when their manager broke the sweetness.

"Pack your bags and we are ready to leave", the manager said with authority.

"You want me to help you pack? I have already finished mine", Jaejoong yawned as he caress Min's face.

Changmin smiled and almost touched Jae's lips. He had been looking at the same spot everytime he talks to Jaejoong.

"Can I kiss you now?" Changmin just muttered but he thought he just said it in his mind.

"What did you just say?" Jaejoong asked and blushed.

Changmin was shy in seconds and immediately left his boy friend scratching his head.

"Did I just say that out loud? He might say I am a maniac. Aish..why can't I just do it without acting like a fool?" Changmin whispered to himself as he opened his luggage. His mind is floating and didnt see that he only packed one shorts and boxers.
Yoochun and Junsu are having a good time in the skating park when Jaejoong bumped into them.

"Have you seen Changmin? I haven't seen him since we left the hotel. Is he alright?" Jaejoong was worried but the giddy couple are still inseparable.

"I think he is planning something big for your kissing party tonight", Yoochun winked while Junsu pokes him.

Jaejoong is still unaware of what they are talking about and just stared blankly. Junsu whispered to him and his eyes went as big as the moon.

"Really? So that is why he isn't not much of a talker again. But why does he have to make a big fuss out of it? Are you trying to push him to do it?" Jaejoong placed his hands on his hips and narrowed his eyebrows.

"Hey, it's normal to kiss to show your affection. You have been dating for two years now and I can sense you have not done that ever since. Are you waiting til you got married? Celibacy or you have a halitosis?" Junsu moved away and covered his mouth and nose.

Jaejoong pushed Junsu while Yoochun laughed at the corner. He is laughing so hard but got distracted with a call from Changmin. He used the speaker phone to make Jaejoong hear it.

"Yoochun hyung, please don't tell Jaejoong but I forgot to pack my clothes and I am freezing right now. Can I borrow some clothes?" Changmin's voice is almost inaudible and Jaejoong rushed to the hotel to check his baby.

Changmin was in his room with blankets and bed sheets when Jaejoong entered the room with his clothes.

"I told you I will pack your clothes. Come here. I will warm you up" Jaejoong held out his hands and wrapped his body on Changmin like a mother to a baby.

Changmin slowly undress and put the clothes given by Jaejoong. They are quite short but can warm his body for a bit. Jaejoong tossed a large jacket to Min given by their manager.

"Did Yoochun tell something about me?" Changmin asked as he opened the glass door overlooking the whole city. 

Jaejoong placed his arms on Min's waist and tries to rest his chin on Min's shoulder. The younger lad readjusted.

"Should I entertain that idea? Min, whatever you are thinking, just do it. I wont feel about it. You are amazing just the way you are. And to make it more easy for you, I brought something", Jaejoong pulls out a tiny mistletoe from his pocket.

Changmin looked at Jaejoong with curious eyes and tried thinking where he saw it.

"It's a mistletoe. They said that it has powers and an aphrodisiac. It was also believed that it made couple kiss and once they done it, the relationship will flourish. It was...", Jaejoong has not finished his last sentence when Changmin pushed his lips to him

The kiss was deepened by Jaejoong and he guided the neophyte; trying to feel the vibe. Fireworks arose and the whole room lightens up.

"Did you feel the magic?" Changmin asked Jaejoong as he sealed another kiss to the older lad. Jaejoong smiled as Changmin's eyes sparkled as they witness the whole fireworks display.

"Merry Christmas. I wish to spend all Christmases with you 'til I die", Changmin shared a deep kiss with Jaejoong like there was no tomorrow.

"Aww.I love you Changmin. If ever you want to kiss me, you don't need a reason for it. Happy holidays", Jaejoong kissed back and enjoyed the whole night cuddling and kissing.


Tags: author: c, genre: fluff, genre: romance, rating: pg13
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