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[Fic] All I Want For Christmas


"Jaejoong,please let me stay at your place before my brother Junho comes back. I will give you a rental fee. I don't want to stay at my parent's house. Junho is still on a trip. Don't worry I will be your slave", Junsu insisted while Jaejoong finished up a bottle of Black Label.

He looked at Junsu in a daze and closes his eyes. He gave his house keys and smirked.

"Only for two days and please clean the bathroom after using it. You know I hate it when you don't flush", Jaejoong tried to breathe in between as the other chuckled in response.

'Hey you know what, it's full moon tonight and my brother and I used to play some witchcraft. Would you like to join? I have a pretty interesting idea", Junsu suggested but Jaejoong is almost passing out.

"Just drive the car and carry me to my bed. I want to finally doze off", Jaejoong murmured while the chatter raised his eyebrow.

There are well-lit lamps near Jaejoong's house and Junsu is not having a hard time carrying Jaejoong. Within minutes, Jae is happily resting on his bed while Junchan plays with Jiji, Jae's fave cat.

"What do you think? Your master surely needs a partner. I can't be with him most of the time. You like to help me with it, right? It's almost Christmas and he will be spending another season crying over a bottle of vodka. Let's stop all his sadness and you will be with me, right?" Junsu talked to the purring cat.

Junsu pricked Jae's finger and collected 5mL of blood then placed it in a bowl with different herbs and a bottle of gin. He murmured a voodoo chant and motioned his hand like a magician. He slowly checks the changes in the scene but he isnt sensing anything. He scratched his head and  sighed.

"Junsu, better trash this book now 'coz it is just making you think of silly things", he scoffed and headed to his bed. He forgot Jiji was behind him purring and it wanted to speeds up but accidentally fell in the made-up cauldron which was a basin full of the ingredients.

In a matter of seconds, a sexy young man in his twenties comes out of the basin with the resemblance of the model named Changmin whom Junsu imagined while doing the chants earlier. The young man walked near Jaejoong and looked at the sleeping man. He slipped in his duvet and joined the owner of the house completely unnoticed.
Jaejoong woke up from a trance as he always say when he wakes up from bed with a bad headache. He was enjoying the sunshine when he felt a man's grip prevented him from getting up. He slowly checks if Junchan has been sleeping with him again but he was greeted by a tall naked man's smile.

"Good morning, Jae. Do you want some pancakes or just coffee?" Changmin blinked his eyes and placed his arms on his waist, revealing more of his stature.

Jaejoong is about to shout Junsu's name when he arrived at Jae's door in a blink of an eye. He was also shocked but the accomplished face is more evident.

"Who the hell is he?" Jaejoong grabbed his blanket and clothed the young man.

Junsu cleared his throat and motioned his hand like he was describing an art piece.

" masterpiece..Choikang Changmin. Isn't he so sexy? Hmmm..if you don't like him I will just reverse the spell..", Junsu was about to open his mouth but Jae closed it with his own hand.

"Who said I don't like him? Wait...your masterpiece? How did he become your art piece? Wait a minute, where is Jiji?" Jaejoong checks out his cat from his usual hideout and cradle.

"Why worry about your cat now? You already have a true companion. He isn't going anywhere", Junsu's smile is turning into Jaejoong's annoyance so he just asked Changmin to use his shirt and short which made him looked like a basketball player from the 80's. His shorts and jersey are too short, it almost looked like a hanging shirt.

"I will just shop for clothes. I know you will blame it all to me. Take care of Changmin. Take advantage of the moment and bond, okay?" Junchan nudged Jaejoong as Changmin tries to whip a breakfast for them.

Jaejoong is still speechless how another human being who is really sexy and good-looking ended up in his apartment and is making a breakfast for him. He checks out every bumps and curves of his body without any reaction from the model-like boy. After a few minutes, they are now both enjoying a hearty meal.

"What is your name again? Your eyes looked like someone I own before. Are you sure we haven't met before?" Jaejoong is studying his eyes and nose but the specimen isnt budging.

"I was created by Junsu and I think I am here to be your life-time partner. Do you want more pancakes?" Changmin slowly grabs Jae's hand which made the latter blush.

"Life-time partner? Did Junsu kidnap you? Can you recall how did you end up here?" Jaejoong continued to pry.

Changmin paused for a moment and sips his coffee. He interlocks his finger with his partner.

"Jae, I only remembered someone summoning me and a sound of a cat. Are you missing your cat? I could act like him", Changmin jumped onto Jae's lap and licks his lips. The sensation made the older guy fidget but tries to stop the boy.

"A sound of a cat? Did you see where Jiji go?" Jae asked.

"Nah, but I think he lend his life for me so that Junsu's magic will materialize. His love for you is more than enough to give me eternal life. I am here to serve and love you", Changmin's voice almost enters Jae's heart like a Cupid's arrow.

"Oh my, Jiji? Are you my Jiji?" Jaejoong finally hugged Changmin and tries to give multiple kisses as the younger boy smiled.

"I think his small heart is still inside me and he is whispering that he likes you even if it wasn't evident. He also told me how loving you are and how lucky I am to be with you now", Changmin's eyes glow and points at Jae's nose.

Jaejoong was speechless for a moment and tears are now flowing. Changmin dries them one by one as he kissed them all away.

"You don't have to be lonely now 'coz I will not leave you. And to start with, we will plan for our pre-Christmas date. Where do you want to go on our first intimate date?" Changmin grabs a pen and a paper.

Jaejoong smiled and pretends to think for a romantic date but a knock on a door stops them from dreaming.

"Hey, am I missing a thing here? So, are you finally loving my present? He will be my payment for my two-days stay here and don't worry I got a call from hyung that he will pick me up tomorrow morning so that I won't get in a way between you two. I am just happy that you finally have a genuine smile now. Changmin, you know how to make a seafood stew? I am starving" Junsu asked while he looked at the happy Jae.

"I still don't know how you pull it off but I am thankful for always looking out for me. It's been tough after my last break-up with Hyunjoong and only Jiji was there to accept all the hurt I wanted to hide. Now I finally realize there is still life after those miseries", Jaejoong snatched Junsu's head and kissed his nape.

"Oh that's kinky..hehe..why so soppy now? You also made me feel this way when I lost my boyfriend in a car accident. As long as you are happy, I will be contented without a boyfriend; unless you are sharing", Junchan wickedly smiled but Jaejoong throws a pillow on Junsu's face and shared a laugh.
It's almost Christmas dinner time and Jaejoong is still outside the house giving the little kids extra candies after singing a 2-minute carol. Changmin followed him outside and clothed him with a warm fluffy jacket.

"Are you wishing on a star, my dear?" Changmin asked as they both look up in the sky.

Jaejoong slowly looked at his partner and shared a passionate kiss.

"Merry Christmas. I am thankful for what I have now and having a new identity. I hope I am the best Christmas gift you have ever received", Changmin hugged his partner  and gave him a quick kiss.

"I can't ask for anyone else. Merry Christmas , Changmin", Jaejoong said as they both heated up the night together in their bed.

Tags: author: c, genre: humor, genre: romance, rating: nc17, rating: pg13
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