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[FIC]Mother Knows Best


Jaejoong is whistling his way to Changmin's house when he saw Min's mom at the door. He was afraid he will be interrogated once again. Mrs. Shim loves to talk to Jaejoong about Changmin's new relationships. On the contrary, Jaejoong had promised to Changmin that he won't say anything to his mom and he has nothing to say about a girl his friend fancies. But can he tell about his feelings about his friend?

"Jaejoongie, are here..come and have a taste of my famous apple pie. Junsu and Changmin are both upstairs playing computer games. Why don't you convince them to go down? They have been playing for hours now. I think that new kid is not a good influence to my baby", Mrs. Shim said while he snuggles his arm onto Jae's.

Jaejoong just shyly smiled and bows to the older woman. He entered the house as if it was his own. He has been friends with Changmin since birth. Their mothers are high school best friends and they decided to live near one another. Even their child are best of friends. They also treat themselves like a family.

"Did you know that I ask your mom to have a baby girl before you were born? I really thought you were a girl when you were a baby. I even sent girly stuff to your mom because I really want her to have a baby girl. And I am not surprised if you acted like a girl. I think Changmin likes you being like that", Mrs. Shim giggled and made the younger lad blushed as they share the pie.

They were about to finish the last piece of the pie when two hungry boys came running down the stairs like racing for their last prey. Junsu stops for a while and bowed at Mrs. Shim and waved his hand to Jaejoong which he acknowledged. Changmin rushed to Jaejoong and naturally gave him a hug and a kiss.

"Why didnt you tweet me when you wanted to come here? I wanted you to join us. Junsu, this is my best friend, Jaejoong. Jaejoong, this is Junsu, my net friend. We met online thru twitter and we shared the love for network games. I am telling him how a lame player you are. You could learn a lot of things from him. He is the reigning champion in the town's networking game", Changmin cheerfully told his best friend.

Mrs. Shim cuts in and ushered Changmin on the table. She gets another plate for Junsu who is quite shy sitting beside Jaejoong, who is staring at him.

"I am not against your idea of playing with other boys or making friends with other boys but why are you letting your best friend left behind? And I got a new revelation from Jaejoong that you are dating a new girl from school named Minyoung. You should invite her over so that I could meet her too", Mrs. Shim smiled happily while she nudged Jaejoong.

Jaejoong froze a bit and slightly furrowed his eyebrow and sends signals to his friend.

"Umma, I don't have any girl in my life right now. Jaejoong, what are you telling my mom?" Changmin smirked as Junsu silently listened to the conversation as he finished his pie and orange juice.

Jaejoong just kept quiet and helped Changmin's mom to arrange the table. Junsu signals to Changmin that he is about to leave.

"Mom, I will just take him to the bus station. Jaejoong, please don't leave and I have something to tell you", Changmin's tone bothered his mom and Jaejoong as Junsu bids goodbye.
"I thought you will be asking Mom if its okay if we could really date for real? I want her to know first about my sexual preference before my dad. I know Mom is really close to you. And who was that Minyoung she was talking about?" Changmin placed his hand on Jae's shoulder which made the latter shivers.

Jaejoong tried his very best not to over react about Min's closeness but he cannot hide his feelings anymore and took advantage of the situation. He pinned down Changmin on the bed and feasted on his lips.

"Jae, what the..." Changmin was speechless and enjoyed the whole moment as he removes Jae's shirt and rests his head on his shoulder as he kiss Jae's muscular chest slowly sending more moans from the owner.

Jaejoong slightly pushed Min and looked closely to his eyes.

"I am sorry I cannot hide my love for you anymore. I have loved you for 20 years now and as time passes by, it goes deeper and deeper. I may not be that good in playing network games, I could be a very good boyfriend to you", Jaejoong shakily proposed to the younger man.

Changmin softly knocked Jaejoong's head and smiled.

"Yah! Why do you have to resort to this? Aren't you that thick-skinned and cannot feel how much I love you? Why do I have to kiss you everyday and call you almost every hour of the day if I am not in love with you? You want to move to the next level?" Changmin teased Jaejoong as he slowly unbuttons his pants.

Changmin kisses Jaejoong's forehead down to his lips and teased his nipples as a big figure pops in their room unnoticed.

"Ma! I told you to knock whenever you want to enter my room", Changmin scrambled for his shirt and tries to cover his body while still on top of his lover.

Mrs. Shim blinked unconsciously and ends up laughing crazily which made the two lovers scratched their head.

"Finally you gave in. I know this is the right time for the both of you to come out of the shell. I actually used Junsu to make Jaejoong jealous and finally say his feelings for you", Mrs. Shim pinched Min's cheek.

" already know? I didnt get it. You aren't disappointed that I am gay? So dad also knows about it?" Changmin still enjoyed being on top of Jaejoong.

"Oh yes. We have already figured it out since you always kiss Jaejoong whenever you sees him. Before, we are feeling reluctant about it but then we can't do anything about it and I am just happy because I love Jaejoong so much and he is already my son", Mrs. Shim placed the back of her palm on Jae's face which is very brick red now.

"Aha..I knew it! You are the one who set me up during Jaejoong's bday that's why we end up in a hotel room together. We will talk later,Mom. I love you! Could you just give us more privacy?" Changmin pretended to smile and motioned his Mom to leave.

"You naughty one...okay okay..I will call Jaejoong's mom and tell her that her son will be spending a night here.Have fun kiddos!' Changmin's mom backs out of the door grinning from ear to ear.



Tags: author: c, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: romance, rating: nc17, rating: pg13
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