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Note: This is a mixture of a fairy tale and present romance so please do not be confused.

Yoochun is whistling while making his first puppet he wants to name Changmin. He asked his boyfriend,Junsu to get the best wood from the forest so that he could make his own masterpiece. He had tried paper and old clothes as a puppet but they were all easily worn out. Junsu and Yoochun have been in an unusual relationship ever since they got out of the orphanage and they wanted to start their own family but the one thing they lack is a child.

"Are you sure a puppet is a best substitute and not a pet?" Yoochun asked his hubby who had brought two large chunks of trees. Junsu smiled and kissed Yoochun's wide forehead.

"Chunnie, pets will die but puppets will always be with us. The first time we had cats, you had allergies and dogs don't love you either. They thought you are a piece of bone for them", he chuckled and the carpenter doesn't like the joke.

"Okay, fine. But promise me you will not laugh at my puppet this time. You can work with me so that we could both have collaborative input on this", the two lovers work hand-in hand in chopping the large piece of wood on the table as a sexy fairy named Jaejoong look at them.

The fairy said the magic word and the couple went to sleep. 

"You are so blessed my dear. You have a pure heart. You deserve someone special. Someone I call my own too", Jaejoong smiled and waved his wand. In a matter of seconds, Changmin, the puppet is already finished and his wide eyes and smile greeted the couple as they both woke up from slumber.

"He..llo", Changmin said as he tries to finish a simple sentence.

Junsu was shocked and almost jumped on the table. Yoochun walked closely to the puppet. Junsu followed him;cautiously hiding behind his hubby's back.

" the puppet I made? You...can talk?" Chun poked his side-arm which is firmly joined by a large screw.

Changmin smiled and slowly moves his head towards a scared Junsu.

"Hehehe..yeah I can talk. Jaejoong gave me the power to talk. I can also help in some minimal work if you want help. Are you my new parents?" Changmin extended his arms and asking for a hug.

Junsu slowly walks in and grabs Min's hand. He shook it but the puppet placed it on his owner's waist. Yoochun, almost teary eyed, hugged the wood boy.

"Thank God..or thank Jaejoong...wait..who is Jaejoong by the way?" Yoochun and Junsu said in unison.

Changmin tries to jump from his seat and landed safely on the floor but he twisted his knees. He slowly controls his balance and looked at their questioning eyes.

"He is a fairy. My favorite sexy fairy. He gives out free wishes to people with pure heart and soul. You wished for me and here I am. Thank you for giving me another life. I was abandoned by my former parents, Eunhyuk and Kang-in. They always fight. I hope you are different from them", Changmin bowed his head and sighed.

Junsu is still processing what Changmin had told them when a winged creature pops in the scene. He is about Junsu's height but very fair in complexion. He is shining among them.

"Oh I am sorry I am so rude. I am Jaejoong, a fairy sent by the Up Above", his voice swift away while Changmin's eyes sparkle.

Changmin quickly runs to his side and tried kissing him but Jaejoong lifted him up and hugged him tight even if he suddenly grows bigger than usual. The two lovers are still shocked of what has been happening so Jae decided to let them sleep first.

"Have you been good,my baby?" Jaejoong kissed him on his nose which made the wood boy blush.

"Of course. Why am I still a wood? I thought I will be transformed to a human when I started to love my parents? I want to finally hug and kiss you for real" Changmin said with droopy eyes.

Jaejoong moved down and placed Changmin on the chair beside the table. He poked his wooden nose and kissed his cheek.

"My dear, your pure heart will be the one who will change you into human. I am always here to wait for know that. I made you because I love you. I want you to have your own family too", the fairy remarked as his words linger on the well-lit room.
"Mommy Chunnie! Daddy Junsu! Aren't you ready for our picnic yet? I prepared sandwiches, salad and fresh fruit juices. The sun is up already and you dont want the cows and buffaloes steal our picnic spot", Changmin screamed his lungs out.

Junsu and Yoochun are so surprised how their new found baby/puppet has made all the preparations.

"Jaejoong helped me in preparing. Do you want anything else? I don't know where to find the blanket. We could use banana leaves as a replacement. I was once assigned to Filipino parents and they love those", Changmin excitedly shared what he knows to his new parents.

Junsu and Yoochun formed a group hug with Changmin while they went out hand-in-hand carrying their basket. Jaejoong is happily flying with them and looking proudly at his baby when a voice suddenly stops him from moving.

"I know you have loved him even from the start. Are you sure he is ready to face the problems of being a human?" the soft voice said.

"I believe in his pureness. I think Yoochun and Junsu are the best parents for them. I have observed them a long time ago. They are quite aggressive sometimes but i guess Changmin mesh well with them. I guess he deserves a good life", Jaejoong smiles as he looked down at the laughing family.

In a blink of an eye, the whole forest changed into a castle. Prince Changmin is being fed and instructed with the laws about the kingdom. Kings Yoochun and Junsu are both sitting on the throne happily watching their child.

"I think we can retire now and just enjoy our life together. Do you think we can ask another child to the fairy Jaejoong?" Yoochun asked as he gives Junsu a grape and kiss him lightly.

"I think he is waiting for the fairy. He had been praying for it almost every year. Do you think he will end up with him all this time of waiting?" Junsu lingered the kiss with his fellow king.

The makeout was ended shortly because the servants announced that they have a pretty visitor. Changmin furrowed his eyebrow but walked out of the room to check who she was.

Bright lights suddenly blinded them and only Changmin could see the entity in white. His voice is very familiar to Changmin.

"My prince, you are so gorgeous today. Do you like your new life?" Jaejoong held hands with Changmin who is tongue-tied and still shocked to see a different Jaejoong without his wings and wand.

Kings Yoochun and Junsu welcomed Jaejoong with a hug. After that, they asked the servants to let the new guest and prince to have a private time at his room.

After they were ushered to the prince room, Changmin pinned Jaejoong on the wall and kissed him from his ears down to his chest...making his last stop on his puckered lips. Jaejoong stopped him for a second.

"Is this your way of treating all your guests in the palace? You miss me this bad? Don't worry, I am intending to clip my wings for a very long time and stay beside you until you get tired of me", Jaejoong's eyes winked at the hungry Changmin.

Changmin gave a quick and sloppy kiss at his prince and tilted his head.

"Now dont you ever try to stop me now or I might not be able to do this again",prince Changmin got disappointed when Jaejoong pops out of his grip.

"My prince, so naughty. We have along day ahead..don't forget you have a kingdom now. Don't make me take back all the things I have promised you and your parents are waiting for us. I LOVE YOU MY PRINCE"", Jaejoong flicked his finger and they are now at the veranda waving at the crowd as he rested his head on Changmin's chest.
Tags: author: c, genre: humor, genre: romance, genre: science-fiction, rating: pg13
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