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[FIC] More than an autograph

TITLE:More than an Autograph
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Pairing: YooSu, JaeMin

Yoochun and Jaejoong are both popular members of a college boyband. Changmin and his cousin, Junsu are the infamous fanclub supporters. They will make all things possible especially if their crushes are involved.

"Yah! Don't you ever say Jaejoong cannot sing a falsetto. He is just trying to reach high pitch music. In due time he can sound like Bon Jovi. Yoochun's songs are the best for him. I will try to compose a song for them so that they could share their music to all kinds of genre. Junsu hyung, have you done the T-shirt presents to be given to them this upcoming school fair?" Changmin dropped his Geometry books and tapped his pencil near Junsu's Chemistry book.

"Of course. I already painted it with our messages. I also made some posters for both of them. Oh, did you know that Yoochun already know where we live? Jessica told me he asked her about our address. I think we need to ask uncle if its okay to open the apartment for them. We could ask them to occupy the apartment for their practice. Oh, Taeyeon gave me Jae's new number, would you like to send him a surprise text message? I heard he likes your poems about him in our school paper", Junsu handed out a piece of paper while the lady in pink snatched it away.

"Is this your famous Jae's number? Let me call him then", the lady giggled and started dialing while Min is burning in anger.

"Don't do it! I will die if I will hear his speaking voice", Changmin tries to steal the phone but they both fell on the ground and Min knocked his older cousin out.

"Stop playing around and give me the phone. I will shout Junsu peeped on your Math class while Chun is playing if you dont give me my phone back", Changmin screamed and the whole room vibrated.

Junsu laughed out loud and looked straight into his cousin's fierce eyes.

"Are you spying on me? How did you know about that?" Junsu asked but still laughed. Changmin snatched the phone away with so much force that he almost hit Junsu's face.

"That's because you are always so talkative around Eunhyuk.You are both giggling in Geometry class. Get your butt out of my bed and start working on our fansign", Changmin pouted and secured his phone on his locked cabinet.
Changmin was still sleeping when Junsu heard a loud knock on their door. He tries to wake up Changmin but he isnt moving. He heard familiar giggling on the door but he isnt sure about it. he was trying to look at the edge of the door but it opened widely;much to his surprise.

"Hey Junsu! Why aren't you opening the door? I was told by Jessica that you wanted to sleep with us and here we are", Yoochun's drunk voice is making Junsu faint but Jaejoong suddenly appeared and pushed the soft-hearted dolphin.

"Aren't you suppose to wake up your cute cousin? Why is he still sleeping?" Jaejoong moved closer to the still sleeping Min and kissed his lips. There was no movement from the latter.

"This isn't real. Please tell me I am only dreaming", Junsu moved away from his drunk idol but Chun snatched him closer and now they are inches away from kissing.

"Feel my lips next to yours and you can tell if it is a dream or not. Come here and let's talk", Chun's sleazy voice makes Junsu's dolphin yelp become imminent.

"Hey, do whatever you want to do but I will enjoy my baby here. I think I will let him know I am not convinced he is asleep,"Jaejoong tries to undress Changmin one by one and now the innocent fan is only in his briefs and is being eaten alive.
Changmin cannot move from his bed while a snore coming from his ear was heard. Someone is holding his waist and a leg draped on his other leg. He was about to look at the suspect when he suddenly speaks out.

"Hi pretty boy. Did you enjoy my autograph signing to you?" Jaejoong's bedroom voice echoed on his ears. He felt sore in almost every parts of his lower body.

He cannot speak nor believe he is sleeping beside his crush for five years. He heard Junsu giggling in the shower room and a familiar song was heard in the same room.

"Oh yes, he is with Yoochun now. I thought I could hide my feelings because I was not so sure yet but all your letters to me were an indication that my feelings are reciprocated. I am sorry I am not too confident about it and we have to resort to drinking and abusing you first before telling you that I LOVE YOU. I am actually your greatest fan since kindergarten", Jaejoong revealed which made Changmin screamed.

"No way! You are the one who sent me those chocolates during Pepero day? My mom told me it was from our girl neighbor in pigtails", Changmin tried to remember the old days while Jaejoong kept on touching Min's arms.

"Hahaha..coz I wore a pig tail before. It was one way of trying to lure you out coz Iheard you only like girls before. Anyway that was soooo past now. I can openly say and let you feel my love. I hope it isn't scaring you away", Jaejoong kissed Changmin's ear and slowly moved to his lips when YooSu opened the door.

"Hey lovers, we need to move now and the concert is in an hour. I bet you made your autograph signing last night already", Yoochun winked at Jaejoong while Changmin isn't sure what he was thinking is correct.

Junsu kissed Yoochun and played with his nose. Jaejoong used this chance to kiss on Changmin once again and whispered "Check my signature later and I hope you could listen to our songs later. I can't wait to walk you around campus hand in hand. If you aren't contented with my sign, I will give you more than you wanted. Jaejoong giggled and tickled Min down below which made the latter blushed like a ripen tomato.
Tags: author: c, genre: humor, genre: romance, rating: nc17
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