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Changmin's manager caught him going out of Jaejoong's apartment and he had a little argument with the latter.

"I told you to stop your relationship with him. It won't be an advantage to your career. Why don't you try dating other SME artists?" Mr. Bae scoffed and pushed Min on the wall;hiding from by passers.

Changmin looked down and a tear fell from his eye.

"I told you I can't forget him. I will go crazy if I stop loving him. I am very obedient to all your orders. Why can't you understand my feelings?" Changmin grabbed the Manager's collar but the latter swatted it with much force. Min's elbow hits the corner of the wall and slightly snapped. A few seconds passed and he is in so much pain. The manager panicked and called ambulance.
"Did Changmin called already?"Jaejoong asked as he tries to befriend Tigger who is just staring at his hand.

Junsu sits beside Jaejoong and the cat obediently sat on his master's lap. He purred as Junsu slowly played with his ears.

"Stop doing that and answer my question. He should be calling or sending me text messages now. Are you hiding something from me?" Jaejoong continued to ask but Junsu is not listening.

Jaejoong grabs Tigger and tries to snatch it from Junsu. He stared at Jaejoong with annoyance.

"Hyung, he is just a call away. Don't bother me and Tigger. We are having our bonding moments. Did you bring Jiji? Tigger is missing him. Yah! Why do you have lots of hickeys? Yoochun told you not to do that with Changmin. Mr. Yoo will not like it again. We are going to New York in three days. Why don't you just slow it down,hyung? This is kinda harsh but it won't be beneficial to all of us if you will continue this", Junsu patted Jae's back.

Jaejoong is about to open his mouth when a tweet popped out of his Blackberry.

"Omo..what the..let me get your car..NOW", Jaejoong is incomprehensible after reading the tweet.

Junsu was dragged to the car park and opened the car as Jaejoong instructed him to.

"What happened to Changmin? Speak now. I am not your slave, hyung", Junsu asked as Jaejoong silently cries beside him.

"It is my fault...I shouldn't have asked him to stay...I will not forgive myself if something happens to him. Please drive faster", Jaejoong tries to snatch the stirring wheel but Junsu grabs it immediately.

"Hyung, Changmin will be alright. If you will continue to be like this, we will join him in the hospital. Don't sit on Tigger; he might give you scratches soon. We are almost there. Prepare to hide or the nurses will block our way", Junsu didnt blink as he speeds off.


Jaejoong talked to the nurses and doctor while Junsu checked on Changmin. He is getting some bandages and ointment. He greeted Junsu with a smile.

"Are you trying to give your boyfriend a heart attack? Why not just tell him you had a minor accident? The fans tweeted us and we almost had our own accident because of his being so reactive. Oh and by the way, meet my Tigger. Xiahki is jealous of him because I always take pictures of Tigger than her. Are you okay now?" Junsu is about to touch Min's elbow when Jaejoong barged in and quickly sat in between the two; squeezing his butt in.

Junsu sensed the jealousy and decided to leave with Tigger. He motioned Jaejoong that he is only allowed one hour to talk to Changmin.

"What happened? Did they punish you again? I am sorry I asked you to stay..I.." Jaejoong was halted by Min's deep kiss.

Jaejoong slowly opened his eyes and touched Changmin's face.

"This is nothing. I can't just let you lose from my grip. They want me to forget about you but i can't do that. I will die without you", Jaejoong shushed him with another wet kiss.

"I won't let that happen too. I told Yoochun I will fight for our love. I think we just need to wait for another year. There are positive results according to our lawyers. Tell Yunho we will have a comeback in a year. Please hang on", Jaejoong applied the ointment on Changmin's elbow.

"I am always looking forward to sing beside you on the stage. I always watch the fancams sent by the fans. Thanks to them I am always updated even if I can't stay by your side always. If they will give me a go signal, I can go with you in New York and LA. I just need to finish some papers needed for my release. Wait for me in the car and I will just call my manager", Changmin assured his boo and touched his face as they shared another heated kiss.
Jaejoong is busy tweeting in the car when Junsu stops the car near Incheon airport. He looked for any sign of Yoochun but Changmin suddenly pops out. Jaejoong grabs his bag and hugged him tight.

"Careful of his elbow...Yah! where is Yoochun?" Junsu was surprised to see the maknae in casual clothes once again.

Jaejoong and Changmin didnt listen to Junsu. Instead, they had a quick make-out right in front of the bedazzled slave driver. Junsu threw the checkered pillow neck brought by Jaejoong.

"I hate you. I deserve some explanation. Are you going with us in our US tour?" Junsu continued to ask.

"Yes I am coming with you. Yoochun hyung is preparing the backdoor for me coz I cannot go with you in the entrance with fans and press waiting for me. I hope you don't mind if you share a room with Yoochun hyung?" Changmin smiled and continued kissing Jaejoong.

"Do I have a choice? Now I miss my Tigger. Cut that..We are about to park. You both owe me a dinner tonight when we touched the US  airport", Junsu demanded as he stops the car.


Tags: author: c, genre: drama, genre: humor, genre: romance, rating: nc17
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