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Note: If you don't know Jiji yet,I will be delighted to teach you how to tweet and follow Jaejoong. He is very much into his cute cat lately and I wanted to make a fic put of it.

Jaejoong is busy cleaning up Jiji's mess. He has been doing it for the past 2 hours now and he cannot tweet because of his gloves on his hands.

"Jiji, are you going to make me clean up for the whole day? Stop playing with GG's fur, okay? It's a playmate but be nice to him or her..oh never mind, you won't understand me, anyway. So stay there...I will whip up something 'coz I will have my Prince Charming in here soon. You will meet your future daddy soon. I know you will easily get tired of me for staying here", Jaejoong messed up Jiji's hair and left it's room.

After an hour, Jae heard a loud bang from Jiji's room. He turned off the stove and sighed.

Jiji had made a huge mess in his room by getting entangled with the ball of yarn and all the pictures in the room were all over the place. The cat food was spilled all over the room. Jae is breathing heavily and just let out a scream. The cat blinked and looked at him with its wide eyes.

"Enough..this is will be grounded starting will stay inside your cage for as long as I want...until you behaved.." Jae is about to grab the cat when it quickly jumped on him and scratched his hands. It almost scratched his face too but he dodges. It ran into the closet and hides itself from his master.

Jaejoong just looked at his scratched hand and it is starting to bleed now. A doorbell was heard.

"Jae, I am here! You didnt check my text messages, aren't you", a familiar voice was heard from the outside. Jaejoong rushed to the door and hugged his boyfriend, Changmin.

"Honey, you are here!" He kissed Min passionately even if the next-door neighbor is already glaring at him.

Changmin slightly broke of the kiss and checks Jae's hand. He grabs his boo and cleans up the slight wound. Without much anything to say, he applied ointment on it. Jaejoong's tears started to fall.

"I ...I...miss you..I am sorry I haven't sent text messages..Ji..", he hasn't finished his sentence and Changmin started caressing his face and kissed him, with much force this time that they ended up making out on the couch.

"Jae, too busy with tweeter is not an excuse. I told you to be careful about this cat. I don't know what has got into your system again when you asked me to buy you a cat", Changmin blew air on Jae's scratch and kissed the sides.

Jaejoong stopped him from doing it and touched Min's chin.

"Get your own twitter account so that we could communicate more", Jaejoong pouted as Min checks out the culprit cat.

"You don't seem as violent as your master..did he made you do something you don't want to? I remembered I was his original cat during the Hug days. Don't worry, he is just missing me that is why he wants you to be like me", Changmin slowly removed the ball of yarn wrapped on the cat's body.

"You are too egoistic again. You thought I bought Jiji because I missed you? Hmm..well sometimes Jiji reminds me of you..stubborn but cute...voracious eater and cleans itself after. But I only have one pet, actually. Jiji is my protector. It is way smaller than Vick but as fierce as it. Don't worry it hasn't replaced your place in my heart. Are you implying that you are jealous of Jiji? Now that is new.", Jae smiled and pokes Min's nose after kissing it away. Changmin didnt kiss back.

Changmin grabs Jiji on its stomach and  placed the cat on his lap. He checked on Jae's laptop and a thousand messages and tweets stumbled on the screen.

"You know I cannot expose myself like you on the Twitterland. There are still eyes and ears of your previous management there. After Jonghyun's incident erupted, it became really tough to get out and communicate with you. I am thinking of having an alias to have a twitter account but I think fans will already figure it out as soon as I have sent you numerous tweets. I am happy you are looking pretty good even I am not always with you", Changmin checks on Jae's pictures which became number one on the most viewed list.

Jaejoong stood up and walked near his table; wrapped up his arms on Min's as they both shared a kiss. The cat just purred.

"Oh, someone is getting jealous. Come on...Up you two. I will be a good wife and master before you made an alliance to attack me again and again", Jaejoong almost grabs Changmin like a real wife but the latter stopped him.

"Are you sure you don't want me to feed you, instead? Why are you eating take-out food? Tired of cooking for yourself already? I am starting to salivate just smelling you...I mean the food you prepared" Changmin chuckled and slowly feeds the cat.

Jaejoong smiled while he looked Changmin and Jiji having a good time.

"I am reminiscing and preventing myself not to sing Hug while looking at you two. Now, Jiji..start eating by yourself and let me feed my real pet", Jaejoong placed Jiji and its food at the corner near the dinner table.

Changmin looked at the feast made by his boyfriend and grabs Jae's hand. The host landed on Min's lap and share a sumptuous kiss.

"The food is served for the king and the dessert will be eaten after. Now, shove some real food in your mouth because you are getting thinner. I love you, Changmin", Jaejoong beamed as he scoops a large amount of rice and placed a beef strip on top.

"I love you, Jae. I am sorry I can't always be with you. Now I am contemplating if I should really continue with my stupid idea..I am becoming unChangmin just being so in love with you", Changmin kissed Jae's lips after chewing on the food and sharing a wine toast.
Tags: author: c, genre: humor, genre: romance, rating: pg13
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