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[FIC] Junsu's Xmas Wish

 Title: Junchan's Xmas Wish
Pairing; Jaejoong/Changmin; Yoochun/Junsu
Rating: PG-13

This fic is dedicated to my friend, Tracey, whom I love so much. It's an early Christmas present. I promised her to write a YooSu fic.

A day before Christmas and Junsu is already panicking because his Christmas letter for Santa hasn't been finished yet. Jaejoong and Changmin always tease him that he even believed in Santa even if he is already a college student.

"Hey Su-ah, ask someone for a date or make out with your girlfriend and do not just waste your time doing Xmas letter for Santa. He doesn't exist, didn't you get it?" Changmin pokes Junsu on his shoulder while the latter is trying to scribble something.

Jaejoong snatched the letter from Junsu and tried reading it while Junsu is getting it back..

"Dear Santa, I am Junsu. I want a new boyfriend today and I just want him to stay by my side even only for a day. I have been good to my mom for this year and I promise I will not play computer games before an exam. I won't ask for something else.." Jaejoong chuckled and made the letter like an airplane which landed on the neighbor's lawn.

Junsu smacked Jae's head but Changmin helped his hubby to dodge. They left Junsu crying in his room while he tries to look for his missing letter.

"Stupid friends...they just think of themselves...I made that letter for Santa and it took me a day to finish it..It's already five pm and Santa won't be reading my letter anymore", Junsu sulked on his bed while he mumbles some inaudible words. A tear fell from the side of his left eye and it sparkle which became a star and has been read by his angels.


It was already 9pm when he was awaken by the giggling of two boys near his room. Changmin is kissing Jaejoong near the mistletoe while Santa Claus is Coming to Town has been playing on the background. He tried to avoid the scene and proceeded to check the carolers outside. They are all singing Silent Night with all the kids trying to reach the high notes. Junsu sang along for a while and distributed some tokens and gifts they prepared for them. Some hot choco were distributed to them as well.

Junsu is about to enter the house again when a stranger in red suit and white pants caught his attention. The guy smiled at him and slowly walked to his direction.

'I guess you are my baby for tonight. Santa told me to make your Christmas special. And by the way, I am Park Yoochun", the bedimpled guy said while rubbing his hands,preventing himself not to be affected by the coldness of the night.

"You are my secret Santa? Ehh? Oh, Santa gave you to me? Oh, so my letter reached him? Really?Oh,I am so bad...please let's get inside or you will freeze", he ushered him to the house; blushing as trying not to over react.

Jaejoong and Changmin are both enjoying the dinner when Junsu introduced his date.

"I told you, you should get a date. We will leave in a minute after the dinner and we will be back tomorrow night so that you can have the whole Xmas for yourselves only. Come on and dine with us or else Changmin will never share", Jaejoong looked at his hubby who is busy finishing his pudding but suddenly stopped as Jaejoong silently signaled him to stand up.

Junsu and Yoochun silently ate on the dining table. Junsu kept glancing on his date who is just waiting for him to ask.

"Aren't you surprised I said yes to Santa's wish without even thinking?" Yoochun asked as he finished his bowl of Nido soup.

Junsu hides his shyness and pretended to ignore Chun's surprising revelation.

"I was your admirer a long time ago and I didn't thought Santa would be in my doorstep delivering a letter from you. And before you will jump in your seat and accuse me of being a stalker, I am actually your neighbor for 6months now. I always look at your window whenever you look at the stars and pretended wishing on it. I also like looking at it. Let us just say I was fascinated how childish you are but the cuteness in your face captured what my heart is longing for", Chun is smiling while the one in the hot seat cannot control his heartbeat.

A regular guy in a Santa suit came at our doorstep awhile ago after I saw you arguing with your friends. I wanted to ask you about it but you might say I should mind my own business so I just didnt tried to meddle on your whereabouts. The supposed to be Santa picked up a crumpled letter and told me it was a letter from you asking for a date. I didn't think about it and here I am being a pathetic guy I am again trying to have a normal conversation but I am scaring you away", Yoochun's last words are almost shaky while Junsu is still speechless.

Junsu looked up and tried to smile but he hides his eyes again.

"I didn't know you were trying to be a friend. I am sorry if I am not a good neighbor. I am just not used to talking to strangers. I am really sorry. It was nice of you to offer yourself to Santa",Junsu tried to have an eye contact and caught Yoochun moistening his lips.

Yoochun looked at the messy table and tries to help in cleaning up but Junsu is faster to pick the plates.

"You don't have to help. Just sit there and finish your choco. I will be back after cleaning", Junsu said and was gone in a blink of an eye with the plates on his hands.

Junsu was drying the glasses when he saw a familiar red costume in the clothes bin. Jaejoong was the only one who has his own clothes bin near the washing area so he suspected Jae pretended to be a Santa and tried to hide it from Junsu. He just chuckled from the JaeMin prank and received a video message from JaeMin greeting him and telling him not to let go of his date.

Junsu hides his Iphone when Yoochun pops his head near the sink.

"I have two hands to help you. Just say please', Yoochun's dimples are killing the dolphin boy more and more.

"I have finished it. Let's open our gifts and watch the fireworks. Or if you like I have a new game more interactive than Starcraft", Junsu is trying his best to connect with his new buddy.

"We have along night to do that. Merry Christmas Junsu", Yoochun sticks his hand and entangled it with Junsu's,

"Oh, hehe...Merry Christmas. I am happy I have the best Christmas present from my Santa this year", Junsu laughed while they open the window and watched the different colors sparkle in the sky.
Tags: author: c, genre: humor, rating: pg13
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