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[FIC]My Pumpkin has Turn into a Prince

TITLE:My Pumpkin has Turn into a Prince
Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin; YooSu
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy
Rating: PG-15

credits to the owner of pic

Changmin has no friends since he entered his college dorm. He was a transferee from US and the only one he wanted to talk to was Yoochun, who has live in US for 6 years. Junsu, who was his room mate, doesnt like him to talk to his soulmate, Chunnie, because he said he might change his mind and fall for Changmin.

"If you want to talk to Yoochun, ask me first or I will kick you out of the room. Better put a line between him and you. Why don't you just befriend our teacher, Mrs. Lyzzie and I heard she is good in English too", Junsu smirked as he spoons out his ice cream from a pint.

"I am sorry. I just want to invite him to have a Halloween costume party. We used to do that in our town. If you want, you can join too", Changmin shyly asked.

Junsu pretended he didn't hear Changmin. A knock on the door startled the two. Yoochun popped his head,wearing Freddie Krueger's mask which made Junsu jumped onto Changmin's bare hands. After Yoochun removed his mask, Junsu quickly ran into Chun and tries to break his neck.

"What is this crap? I thought you will ask me for a date coz you owe me one?" Junsu smack his head and quickly kissed him. Yoochun acknowledged the kiss but was embarrassed and quickly broke away from Junsu's grip.

"We will attend Changmin's welcome party, remember? I heard you want a Halloween costume party and I am up for it. What will you wear for tonight, my dolphinnie?" Yoochun squeezed Junsu's butt and he yelped.

"I don't want to wear that stupid dolphin costume again. I want to be a mermaid. You will carry me wherever we go", Junsu practiced his mermaid moves to much Yoochun's awkwardness.

Yoochun tried to remove the awkwardness and scooped an ice cream from the bowl.

"I haven't seen you with a date,yet. Who do you want to go with?" Chun pried as Junsu plays with his ipod.

Changmin lowered his head and shakes his head. He flipped the magazine and pointed a popstar on the glossy print.

"I want to date him but he is a popstar. I can only dream about him", Changmin sighed and still looked at the picture while Yoochun hides his laughter. Junsu nudged him.

Junchan looked at the picture and tried to associate someone with the pic.

'Is he the solo artist from Rain's new management? I heard he is also will have a brighter futur, my friend", Junsu tapped Changmin's shoulder and thinks hard.

"I think I have a stupid idea but Heechul hyung told me it's worth a try anyway. Are you in for a different magical night?" Yoochun smiled wildly while both Changmin and Junsu looked at his direction.

"What the...we will use witch craft? What are you thinking? Did Heechul really test this one?"

Junsu is still talking when Changmin brought a huge Pumpkin with carvings on it.

"Will it looked like Jaejoong? I am not good in using a pumpkin", Changmin is excited about it but Junsu is still skeptical.

"Heechul hyung told me we should do it during full moon. According to my calculations, it will appear tonight, in a few minutes. Let us first have a slow prayer. Are you sure your heart is in it?" Yoochun slowly chants a prayer while waiting for Changmin's answer. Changmin smiled and nods.

In a swift wind, the light from the candle suddenly put out and Junsu squealed. After a few minutes, the pumpkin disappeared and Changmin checks out his prince but no one was there except for his buddies.

"I guess we failed. Well, thank you for your time and effort, Chun. Sorry to bother you", Changmin lowered his shoulder and slumped on the couch.

Junsu patted his back and walked out of the dark room with Chun following him.

There was a long silence after the couple left when all of a sudden a guy in a mask appeared at the doorstep.

"Am I late for the party?" the guy in his prince-like costume popped out as Changmin jumped out of his seat.

Changmin tried not to squeal like Junsu's high pitched voice but his wide mouth is too obvious not to be seen as him being overjoyed.

"My pum..are you Jaejoong?" Changmin rattles and was lost with words.

"Oh, I am so bad. Good evening, I am Kim Jaejoong, at your service.I received a strange letter on my desk and they said my King is calling me. I am here to serve you, my Lord. Let's not waste this precious night or we might be strangers after this", Jaejoong bowed his head at the still bewildered Changmin who are still in his pajamas while Junsu and Yoochun giggled at the sideline as they witness the most romantic Halloween dance.
Tags: author: c, genre: humor, genre: romance, genre: science-fiction, rating: pg13
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