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[VID-FIC] It Is MY Interview


Note: If you forgot about the interview they had,please go watch this first..thanks
credit to vid owner

Changmin is preparing for their photo shoot when their Manager came to them and explained the details of their interview for the album. Jaejoong was talking to Junsu when he heard that he won't be the first one who will be interviewed. He was about to open his mouth to protest but their Manager was very fast and just left without hearing his complaints.

Jaejoong is trying his best to complain with the writers to arrange the sequence of events for the interview but they said Mr.SooMan had already personally looked into it and he approved it. Jaejoong just pouted and removed his jacket slowly while he tease the maknae by showing his mosquito bite from his shoulder but Changmin isn't paying attention.

"Changmin,my love...look at your wifey...I am being deprived of mosquito repellent and I have dry skin today. Noona said I just need to go to the spa but I want to go with you. Can we visit the spa later? We will have a joint scrubbing feast later in the bathroom, you want that, right?" Jaejoong brushed Min's face with the palm of his hand and smells his perfume from his neck to his chest. He was about to slowly unbutton Min's polo when a Noona swatted his hand.

"You are so bad,Jaejoong. I already fixed Min's polo. Get up there and fix your hair. It will be just 5 minutes til Min's interview. Let him be relaxed...if you are there, you will be ruining his pants again. I remembered the last time you tease him and there was some weird smudge on his pants and polo...I need to wash it in 10minutes before the interview started. Good thing the camera didn't focus much on his pants. You can talk to him more later, okay?" the stylist nudged Min who is already blushing after hearing the story.

Jaejoong stuck his tongue out and left the room but also came back after being left out from YooSuHo's game. He is trying to devise a plan to get Min's attention while he is being teased by the cameramen that he is being buff and his skin is so good. He sneaks in from behind and surprised them.

"Changmin loved the milk bath I always use and he joins me in my morning ritual everyday. Of course I always take care of my baby or else they might say I am a bad boy friend. Maybe we could have a joint interview today. You like to hear our stories during the MV making, right?" Jaejoong smiled and sneakily wrapped his hand on Min's side then he kissed his neck and shoulders without a warning.

The cameramen laughed at the couple and just teased Min more and more then a clap was heard from behind them.

"Ya! Jaejoongie, this is Min's solo interview. You can have him for the rest of the day if you like but give him a little break.Now, let's roll  it boys!"the director cued the cameramen and Min immediately got up leaving a puppy Jae whimpering on the sides.

Changmin smoothly changed into a cute boy while doing the interview and Jae is silently praising his baby. He was giving some hints to him even if the noonas are glaring at him for always whispering.

Yunho and Yoochun joined in slowly and the cameraman started a funny interview to release the tension. They made fun of Min's new hairstyle but Jaejoong cuts in.

"I love it! Who said it's bad?" Jae immediately walks in and Min glared at him.

"It's MY interview", Changmin cutely shouted.


"Please, don't ruin it", Changmin pleaded but the older member didn't move a bit.

"I am making it more entertaining for you", Jae explained while he flutters his eyes.

Changmin left for awhile and returned, complimenting sarcastically Jae's X-men costume.

"I am the best in wearing this type of dress. You don't like it?",Jae asked but Min only bit his lip.

Jaejoong looked at the camera and explained why he should join Changmin during the interview.

"The fans liked it when we talk side by side. I am only giving in with their requests. Changmin is just shy about it", Jaejoong continued to blabber.

"Hyung, thank you but you should let me finish my interview", Changmin mumbled more words but Jaejoong is ignoring Min's requests.

"Changmin's skin is getting better and better. Are you sure you are really a boy and not a girl?"

"Is that a compliment? Should I thank you for that?" Min smiled but his hands are shaking, not sure how he will show his gratefulness to his hubby later.

"You can thank me in any form you want but I know the best way to thank me", Jaejoong winked and held his baby's arm. "Later".


Tags: author: c, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: romance, length: oneshot, rating: r

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