choclavenderjm (choclavenderjm) wrote in _starcandy,

Making amends

Pairing: JaeMin
Genre: Comedy, Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This was requested by continuation of my first drabble..please feel free to read it if you want but this story can stand alone too. Comments are loved..
Again I based this drabble from this fancam..please credit the owner

Changmin prepares himself from running while Jaejoong sneered at him.

"I thought you will hug me tight last night, where is it?" Jaejoong tried his best to get Changmin's attention while the camera isn't ready yet for recording.

Changmin tried to ignore his hyung but he continued to repeat his demands.

"I didnt say I will hug you. I told you I will just give you warmth.Aren't you warm now? I told the producer to make us run for tonight's show. It will surely make you feel warm inside", Changmin sneezed and blows off the cold feeling.

Jaejoong smirked and tried to act out that he is paying attention at the director's additional instruction.

"Don't fool me again, Minnie-ah. Are you trying to hide your feelings now? I bet you like to be hugged instead.Okay, I will give you one', Jaejoong hugged Min instead and waits for awhile to be hugged back but Min just stared at him.

Yunho shouted at them and tried to catch their attention. Junsu,on the other hand, stretches his legs and plays words with Yoochun.

"We are ready", Jaejoong and Changmin both shouted.

"Okay, I will make a proposition..whoever wins in this race will be the TOP..and the loser will get tied", Changmin said to Jaejoong who is still disappointed about the hug.

"Don't try to double-cross me, Minnie. I know you will use a lot of tricks this time", Jaejoong whispered as the director signals them to get ready.

"Whatever...if you don't like..then I will do whatever I want..", Changmin smiled and pretended not to be affected by Jae's suppressed feeling.

"Okay, I will go for it",Jae shouted and a loud bang was heard. Both of them scrambled on their feet and started running.

Jaejoong advanced at the first two steps but Changmin's long legs gave him more advantage. In the end, Jaejoong was so desperate to win and snatched Min's coat. He hits Min's back again and again as he try to slows down.

"Ya! I won! Stop hitting me...prepare your body tonight", Changmin made his quick revenge and hits Jae's arm.
Tags: author: c, genre: fluff, genre: humor, length: oneshot, rating: pg13

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