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Please, teacher!

Title : Please, teacher! (1/?)
Author : waiting4_moon
Note : My first Jaemin Fiction, may content a huge grammar error :D Because English is not my first language, huhuhu… T-T
Summary : Because of his struggle life, Jaejoong do an extreme job! Changmin falls for him, but he didn’t know the truth….


"Eunhyuk!!!!" they both thumped Eunhyuk’s desk with an exercise book which on their hand. Of course Eunhyuk shocked. "You must help us! We must see your homework, right the hell now!" they screamed like pursued by mafia. Made Eunhyuk almost got a heart attack.

"Y-y-yah! But I didn’t finish-" answered Eunhyuk jumpily, but his words cutted by Junsu and Yochun’s action who grabbed his homework forcely.

"Junsu, we must finish this homework quickly! C'mon, before rest time is over!" Yochun said before run off to his desk and didn't care about Eunhyuk's odd gaze.

"Owh...why am I so pitty... Yochun, wait for me!" Junsu pursued Yochun behind with his flagging book, the effect of pursuing Yochun. Both of them just only concentrated copying Eunhyuk's homework, while the owner were groaned in frustration that classmate was so rude.


"I don't wanna in. Just yourself then. I'm still wanna be here." He said while resting on the grass, at school’s little garden, with his best friend.

"There you are, relapse again. Now on it's time for us to class. Rest time is over, Minnie-ah.”

"Minho, if you wanna come to class, you go on by yourself. I'm prefer be here." Changmin said lazily.

"Changmin-ah, don't you remember what class is now? That's Hae Joong-nim's turn! Omoo, you must be didn't do the homework yet huh?" guessed Minho while gestured his finger pointed to Changmin's nose.

"My reason I'm not coming class is not that. I just dislike the way she teach me or us. It was so fucking boring. Better if I spend my time in here. I'm not so stupid with her lesson. So why on earth I must worried? I've told you before about this things, have I?" said Changmin calmly.

"Yeah, your reason is always like that. I ‘m also boring to remain this to you. Okay, if you don't wanna come class. I've told'ya...Don't blame me if your mark is bad. Hahahaha... bye!" he ran away to their class.

"Pretend to be diligent, you, Minho....Huaaa~~hh..I'm sleepy...." Changmin opened his mouth, condensing. He was really enjoy and peaceful there.


"Okay, now collect your homework I gave you yesterday on here." All the students stood up and started to collect their homework on teacher's desk. After they returned to their seat, Hae-nim found that the desk beside Minho was empty but the bag still there. She only smiled like she knew what was going on. "Hmmm...alright, let's continue our lesson. And Minho, I want you to attend in my room with your desk mate, after school."

".....yes, Hae-nim...."

Minho crueled in his heart. He was so regretting had a friendship with someone called Changmin. He always get the effect if Changmin made an complication or fighting with someone else or precisely TROUBLE. For example, he doesn't know how much times Changmin didn't do the homework which the teacher given, especially from Hae-nim. And always HIM who becomes mediator so Changmin already calmed down, not become angry with the teachers that faced him. Changmin always assume that he is most real correct person.

Changmin also once have fight with criminal of public road. What is the cause until now Minho didn't find it. He felt he want to die that time immediately. He spontaneously released his “pledge weapon”, that is money. He gave them to those criminal. Finally, the fight was over. At least no one got hurt.

However, thanks to God, he always gave into Minho. Something that should be thankful for Minho. Changmin is a nice person after all, behind difficulty that experienced by him.

"Hey Yochun. Why does Changmin always not come class only when Hae-nim teach huh? He was poor his self by passing a moment together with Hae-nim. I think she's wild and sexy enough," asked Junsu to his deskmate with immorally tone.
"Yaiks..Junsu, in your brain only accept hentai!"
"But you agree don't you? Look at her small butt...wwooww...but her breast less big, umm that’s no problem. She's still a single isn't she?"
"You're more untrue Junsu. Your stupid question can be asked to Hae-nim herself. Moreover, about Changmin, I don't know either. You can ask Minho." said Yochun a little bit annoyed.

"And you Yochun, go doing number two in front of class after Minho." asked Hae-nim softly before gave Yochun a sweet smile. A sweetest smile that Yochun felt. But Yochun ignored it.
"Ahh you see that Yochun! Teacher is giving you a smile. How cute her smile...I'm jealous..." said Junsu noisily. Yochun only gave Junsu a weak smile.


"Hey you, handsome ugly man! You school in here huh? You're so arrogant!" a man screamed with a hoarse voice heard in Changmin's ear. He, who was enjoying the soft wind that carressing his face in the school garden as he closed his eyes, now opened his eyes before he looked for the man that screaming and for whom the man talked to.
His eyes catched that man. He knew that man. The man brought some follower behind. They were in outside school but they could be seeing in Changmin's position. Changmin immediately stood up and walked closer to them.

"Oh you guys in that time. Yeah, this is my school. Is any problem going on?" asked Changmin to the group calmly but cold.

"We still didn't satisfy last day. We weren't need that money. Your friend was really fuck, gave us some money. But it doesn't matter. Now the matter is, our business didn't finish yet. My boss wants an evidence that you has been "finished" by us...." the last word made Changmin nervous a bit. But he tried to fight it.

"Listen this. I'm not like what your boss think. I never and will never steal that person from your boss. Say it to your boss, okay?" Changmin turned his body without caring the group and wanted to back on his position early.

"Hey loser! Whatever your reasons, we still didn't finish our business. Moreover, I wanted to end a loser just like you! Haha...!" the man that used hachimaki on his forehead and have a thin body scream once again to Changmin. Tha thin man was a leader of the group.

Changmin stopped walking. He turned his body again and came closer to the leader and his group hurriedly. His eyes glared at them. After faced them, the leader's eyes met Changmin's and felt a bit shocked and trembled.

"What did you say huh? Loser? I'm a loser?!!?" Changmin started to show his fist and wanted to beat them. Fortunately, that act detained by ring bell sound, which means the school was over. Changmin remembered he was still in school. If he fights against them, he would be in trouble.

"Thanks to God that you all didn't feel my greatest fist!" growled Changmin to them before run away, back into the school building.

"You still have a business with me, with us! I'll wait for you in 2 o'clock!! Today in backgarden! You hear that?! If you are not coming, i'll haunt you!" said the leader loudly but only Changmin could hear that.


'What the hell they wanna fight with me! They didn't know who really I am. Then again, their boss alleged me that I will take his what-so-damn-no-important-person. Don't I always refrain from her lesson? How that could call 'take her attention'? Who the hell interested with a teacher like her? ARGH! Damn, Who is their boss though? Is he-'

the grumble in his heart stopped when he was already in front of his class and a bag flied towards him.

"Here." Minho threw Changmin's bag towards owner. Changmin catched it hurriedly. "And now we must face Hae-nim."

Changmin saw Minho walked towards him. "Huh? For what?"

"For what, you said? Huff...if you wanna know, we'd better go there as fast as can for the answer. Okay?" Minho walked to Hae-nim's room weakly followed by Changmin.

"Annyong, Teacher..." called Minho when they arrived in Hae-nim's room.

Hae-nim lifted her head and eyed her two students. Then smiled. "Sit down."

"But let me excuse, I'm sorry before, Hae-nim. I can't be here for long time, because I have to do about my family," said Minho without doubt.
"Oh, Minho-ah, unfortunately I can’t do anything for it, just wait a sec, I'll call your headmaster. Ho Dong-nim, your kids are coming." her voice loud a bit. But in a few second Changmin was doubt for himself, he heard that her voice sound a man? Ah, it just your illusion, Changmin. You've been long time not to see her. So your imagination is going that far.

"Aigo….. Are they the students who often absent when your lesson begin, Hae-nim?" there was a voice behind the door walked towards them three. "Okay, I think it'll better if I manage them by my self. You should go home, Hae-nim. You're tired. This is my part." said Ho Dong -nim before touching her shoulder.

"Ah, thank you Ho Dong -nim. All right, I'm going home. See you, kids." she pushed her seat back and walked outside the room. They three watched her went outside.
"Oh yeah, Changmin. I can help you if you have some trouble with my lesson." she said before smiling to him. Changmin only silent. In a short flash, she looked so beautiful. But her beauty was covered by her attitude towards Changmin who felt annoyed. Now once again he felt that her voice so weight. What was going on?

"Hey you two. Especially you, Changmin! Why do you blablabla...." Changmin didn't hear headmster's oration. 'Every single teacher are annoying~!' grumbled Changmin in his heart. After long time the headmaster was giving them an oration, Changmin started boring. He stared at the ceiling. And he saw number 2 on a wall clock. Then he remembered.

"Sir, are you finished? I have a promise with my friend." Changmin cut the headmaster's oration.

"Shim Changmin! Don't you hear what I said just now HUH!!!!"

"Sorry Sir, but I must go by now." he stood up and going to leave his Headmaster just like that.

"Min-ah!" Minho turned around to Changmin. "Ah I'm sorry Sir, I think he's on some business. We will do what you said before. I-ehm-We promise." Minho pulled Changmin's arm hoping he stopped moving.

"Minho-yah, I'm in hurry! Let my arm free!"

"Excuse me, Sir!" finally, Minho is dragged by followed Changmin's step that so in hurry out of that room.

“Hey hey hey! You kids!” The headmaster just couldn’t stop Changmin’s direction. But not far from office, Ho Dong -nim has rise his head in front of the door. "Hey you two! Wait a sec!"

Minho stopped. But Changmin kept walking as he didn't care. He kept walking. "Hey Min-ah, Ho Dong -nim is calling us! Yes Sir?" Minho turned his gaze towards Ho Dong -nim while his arms kept struggling to stop Changmin’s pace.

"You two...” he paused, “….Are not pursuing Hae-nim aren't you? You have no any promise with her right?" his voice a little whisper.

Minho didn't understand clearly what was the meaning of that question. "Your mean, Sir?"

Changmin heard that question, and then he stopped walking and turned his body. "We are not having any business with her, Sir. Excuse me." he pulled Minho to continue walking out from the school building. Minho only could shruging.

"Changmin-ah, you have a promise with whom?" Minho wondered when they were walking towards their own home. They had the same way home.


"Then, why did Hae-nim asked you her effort to help you in her lesson? And also Ho Dong -nim asked us like that. What a confusing state."

Changmin felt Minho was so talkactive today. "You have no need to give a thought about. Whatever with them."

"Then again, why do I always involve in your business? I'm not your mommy, not your brother, even not your boyfriend."

"Can you calm down just a little? You are so talk active." Changmin started angry.

"Min-ah, I just want to phrase my mind today. Lot of things that have happened this last day." grumbled Minho softly.

Suddenly Changmin stopped walking. So Minho stopped too with lunge, when he noticed that Changmin had stopped earlier. "Hey, what's wrong? You have something missing in your pocket? Or-"

"You go home ahead. I have business to do. You have a business with your family too, right? I'm sure you are not lying." said Changmin seriously.

"Umm..yeah...sa, Jya ne!" You walked off with full of question in his mind and hesitated step. He actually worried that lazy boy because his instinct told him something bad will happen. But he will disscuss to Changmin later.

Changmin didin't care Minho that so far away. He immediately ran into the Backgarden.


Didn’t need to wait, Changmin is greeted by the Hachimaki Group. But this time the member increase one person. And he had already known who is the new member.

His class mate.

As he expected, he must be their boss.

"Welcome, welcome. Your brave is big enough. If you wanna talk to our boss, come closer! It's a good time to talk with him now. Or you choose a hard way..?" said the thin man. "Please, Boss."

Changmin watched a person that called Boss. He appeared from behind his group.

'So you are, Yunho...'

"Shim Changmin. My my...You must be know why you're here. And you must be known why I want to give you some 'lesson'...special lesson..." said Yunho calmly.

"Your brain is useless Yunho!! I never and WILL never do that!!! What is your basic that you think I do that Huh??!!!" asked Changmin loudly.

"You're still asking why? So stupid you are. Okay, I'll explain it again. HAE-nim IS MINE!! You can't take her away from me. But now you do!!! At least her attention, with your rude attitude in her lesson by not coming when her lesson begin. I know this is so fucking little thing, but that keep in trouble on me! I have many times to get closer with her, but she things I'm still younger to her. Now look on yourself! You were so easy to get closer with her. When in our class started her lesson and you disappeared, she always looking for you!! I hate it!! I'm more diligent than you! I'm more handsome than you! I hate you!! ARGH!! Takeshi, hit him!!" Yunho with his emotion commanded the hachimaki man to beat Changmin up. Of course with his group

Changmin was still confusing with Yunho's statement that never expected by him before. He didn't believe that, though he intended to do like that because he absolutely dislike her lesson, and the teacher too.

But he thought he have to keep his puzzlement because the hachimaki Group even more closer now to fight against him...

The sky was red, a sign that the night would come immediately and shaded all the resident of Japan until tomorrow.

A beautiful silhouette was walking hurriedly.

"Hufff...itchy itchy itchy!!! Uhh...My home sweet home still long enough to arrive...I should not come into Hyun Joongjoong's house!! That bastard! And now look, I’m late to supermarket. What a tiring day..." mumbled the beauty to himself. He kept stretching his itchy and sweats head. "God, when I must be like this to be end ... give me the way to get rid out of this state...." he almost cried when he stopped and saw a shadow that lied besapttered of blood in the back garden. That person was still breathing, his stomach up and down. On the first time the beauty was scary, but now he knew who is that person. A person that lied weakly and don't know who will help him if the beauty didn't walk there. The beauty still had a kind hearted, so the beauty came closer towards that person.

"Changmin?!" in reality the beauty knew who was the weakness guy. He came closer towards a guy hurriedly. His plastic bag which from supermarket was threw carelessly by him.

"Oh my God!! Should I help him? Ung..but how?"

Suddenly Changmin opened his eyes slowly. "...Hae-nim...?" said Changmin weakly.

"Y-yes? Changmin-sshi are you alright? C'mon, I'll take care of you. Don't worry."

Then with a million fuzziness, the beauty finally supported walking him. And got a cab in crossroad.

The beauty didn't have an idea what was Changmin thinking about him. But that wasn’t a right time to think about it. Helping pained or injured people, that’s the most important.

'Hufff...fortunately I'm still using a wig. If I'm not, argh...I don't know what will happen...oh my darling wig, don't fall down....' mumbled the beauty in his heart when supported walking Changmin powerfully.


Changmin felt a great sensation when his body was cured and took care by the helper. Slowly he opened his eyes and tried not to close his eyes again. He saw Hae-nim was the helper, that was no wrong and hesitant again.

But he didn't know where he was. "Teacher, where's this?"

The teacher turned his gaze from Changmin's full of blood forehead and chin to the eyes. "You're in my house now. Your injury is bad. But you'll recover by this." the teacher returned to heal Changmin's injury with a wet towel and plastering with plaster and cotton. While arms and feet was wrapped by bandage.

"What was happen?" asked the teacher softly. As soft as he heal the injury.

"I-I was fighting. Don't you see this injury was caused by fighting, teacher?" complained Changmin, little bit annoyed.

Hae-nim only smiled. "Yeah, I know. But I mean what is your reason to fight? If Ho Dong -nim knows this, you'll get trouble."

"You don't need to know what is my reason to fight. Who you are!"

"I am? I am your teacher. I am your helper. I am...whatever you want. Are you sure, you don't wanna tell me what's the reason?" asked Hae-nim while kept healing the injury softly.

Changmin was silent.

"Okay, I can report this anytime to Ho Dong -nim. And you-"

"Alright, alright. I'll tell you. This was not I want. You know Yunho, my classmate?? He's falling love with you! Auch!!" Changmin felt hurt when Hae-nim was too pressing his injury in his chin.

"Ah sorry. It's hurt? I'll be more careful. Yeah, I know Yunho. I also know that he loves me. But what is the relationship with you??" asked Hae-nim while cleaned the towel that he used for moping Changmin's injury with water inside a small pail.

"I'm still confused and couldn’t believe too. Auch!! Hey, slowly!" there is heard again a forgiveness from teacher's mouth. "He thinks I was taking you from him. I was taking your attention, I was taking your affection and blablabla. I don't feel I was like that." said Changmin while his eyes trapped in teacher's gaze many times. It was a happiness mixed with sadness appeared in Changmin's heart. What was going on??

"Do you feel you were like that too? Like what Yunho said to you?" asked Teacher made Changmin silent again. Then his teacher smiled softly and caressed Changmin's cheek. "Changmin, I was paying attention to you because you had a lot of losing my lesson. Yunho-ah is a diligent and smart one, I like him. But this was a love trouble, I think I should not give him some hope.”

'Oh fucking yeah, There's no way I have a boyfriend!' mumbled teacher in his heart.

Changmin realised something. So during this time until now he was watched by Hae-nim....

"How did you find me in that garden? Did you...follow me too??" asked Changmin.

"Oh no, I didn't. I was just from my friend's house and supermarket. While I was passing that street, tadaa~...I found you, very weak and bleeding. You're my student, I must help you. Ah, I must get some plaster again. Wait a sec, please..."

Changmin watched his teacher wordless. His teacher was disappeared. Changmin then was deep in thought. And teacher's caress towards his cheek made him feel very happy and want to be touched by his teacher forever. He touched his cheek himself. Suddenly his face was red.


'Damn! My wig almost fall down, shit! Err...skirt troubling! Huff...God, help me pleasee…....' mumbled the teacher again and again while correcting his wig position and pulling his knee skirt many times. He looked into his face on a mirror. 'My face is like a woman...Must I do this way?'

After correcting his troubled outfit and some other pity curses from his mouth, then he ran out with 1 box plaster in his hand.


"Teacher, thank you. I.....I'm home now." Changmin humped his body and back hefty and watched his teacher rather long.

"Yeah...you can safe now. I'll never tell Ho Dong -nim about your fight..." his teacher gave him a sweet smile that made Changmin happy and joy.

Changmin replied the smile. A dim light in front of Hae-nim’s house closed his face red.

"Bye, Changmin-sshi .Take care on the way home." Hae-nim's hand waving. Then Teacher came in to his house.

Changmin still in his place, didn't make a move. Until Hae-nim closed the garbage and house door.

Then finally Changmin made a move, stepped away from teacher's house before gazing Hae's house for long time.

He stared the plaster that plastered his arm, then he caressed his forehead and cheek that is wrapped by cotton and plaster.

His lips wide, forming a big smile.

That night, Changmin felt very very happy.


"Yippi!!! Finally this day is over~~!!! What a tiring day....Now I can release all of women stuff in my body that I wore all long day. Nyanyanyanya....." that's what Hae-nim screamed when Changmin was home.
His blonde short hair is bounded in a mirror, wet by sweat from wig in his head all day long full. His make-up in his face was cleaned by himself immediately.

“Only noon until tomorrow morning I can be a handsome, captivate, macho and cute JAE JOONG...full JAE JOONG!!” screamed him while wearing his favourite short pants and T-shirt.
"Hungry~~" hurrily he cooked his favourite instant Ramen.

He saw a bandage and plaster and some other medical stuff still there, on a living room desk when the Ramen was ready to eat. Saw that, he only smiled and cleaned them.

Finally with this tiring day, he immediately went to his bedroom. He almost fallen asleep in soft mattress cradled when he remembered the first time JAE JOONG could change become Hae-nim....


NB :  I'm not pretty sure, what is 'teacher' called in Korea... As I know, add -nim behind teacher's name. Correct me if  that was wrong....:D
Tags: author: w, length: chaptered
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