Hey it's me...Rendzeedee! (rendzeedee) wrote in _starcandy,
Hey it's me...Rendzeedee!

[fic] JapPsyze (Japanese Psychos) - Chapter 1: The Demigods

Title: JapPsyze - Chapter 1: The Demigods
Pairings: OT5
Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Warnings: A whole lotta geekyness
A/N:OH YEAH!!! My new fic you guys. This is way different than my previous angst fic Complications. Thanks to my cohorts [info]hmtermulo [info]tohoginka32 and [info]aniprincess_13 

Summary: What happens when the 5 amazingly talented members of TVXQ turned out to be superheroes?

Click here to find out...
Tags: author: r, genre: adventure, genre: science-fiction, length: chaptered, rating: pg, with: ot5
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