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[fic] Complications - Chapter 8

Title: Complications - Chapter 8
Pairings: JaeMin angst HoMin fight...
Rating: PG
Genre: Tragedy
Warnings: Changmin's attitude...

A/N: Guys let me explain. It has to be Yunho because it would produce a great impact on the readers. Especially those who hate Yunho.
*winks at jaeheartsmin natipooh spaghettiholic shanancelice [info]asakura_mina (i so love you guys for your comments)
This is not the end! LOL

Summary: Changmin faces Yunho but who will come out victorious?

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.2 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Final Chapter



Chapter 8

                Jaejoong and I arrived at a very fancy restaurant not so far from Jaejoong’s house. When he said the whole gang wanted to see me, he wasn’t kidding. All of them were there: Yoochun, Junsu, Tiffany, Yoona, Jessica, and…Yunho. When I saw him I just had the sudden desire to kick him. But I had to be civil.

                “Minster!!!” Tiffany came up to me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

                “Hi Tiff.”

                “I miss you,” she said. I just can’t help but feel a little bit guilty after what Jaejoong and I did in her room. But I vowed to myself that she, or anyone for that matter, would never know. I would take that secret to the grave. I knew Jaejoong would too.

                “I miss you too,” I replied.

                The gang was seated in a long table. Jaejoong and I sat on the 2 remaining vacant seats. I sat beside Yoochun and Jaejoong took the seat to my right. Yunho was seated in front of Yoochun, Junsu beside him in front of me.

                I saw Yunho flash a subtle smile at Jaejoong. I did not think it were possible to hate someone you’ve been madly in love with before. Suddenly he turned towards me.

                “Hey Minnie, long time no see,” he said. He still called me by the endearment that he used to call me back when we were still very close. Apparently he had no idea that Jaejoong already told me their secret. Well if he knew he wouldn’t be this warm to me.

                “Hey hyung, yeah it is a long time,” I said very coldly. “And with good reason,” I added to myself as Yunho turned towards Jessica who called his attention.

                “I heard that,” Jaejoong whispered to me.

                “Well you can’t blame me, can you?” I retorted.

                “Please Changmin-ah…” he pleaded.

                “I won’t promise anything.”

                At that moment Yoochun turned to me and said, “How big is this rock you have been hiding under Changmin?”

                “As big as your forehead,” I said and laughed.

                Yoochun and I had this kind of relationship. Yes we fight a lot. Sometimes it’s a friendly banter. Sometimes it’s a full on verbal war. Frenemies would be the right term. If we were not busy insulting each other, we would be picking fights with someone else.

                “This is why we’re super friends,” he replied with sarcasm in his voice. We both laughed and the rest laughed with us. When Yoochun and I start our banters the others would always look nervously to see if were just joking or really fighting. But this night it wasn’t Yoochun I was gonna have a fight with.

                “So Yunho,” Yoochun asked. “How are things going with your boyfriend? What was his name? Leeteuk?”

                “Yeah,” came his reply. “We’re almost 5 months now. Everything’s great.”

                Something in me just snapped.

                “Really? No problems at all? Good for you,” I said with complete sarcasm which everyone noticed.

                “Ye-yeah,” Yunho stammered. I noticed him glance nervously at Jaejoong.

                “Anyone want to order? I’m starving,” Jaejoong exclaimed as he placed a hand on my thigh clearly pleading once again.

                “Good idea,” Yoochun said. “What are you having Yunho?”

                “You know what Yunho loves to eat at night,” I said to Yoochun. “A dick. Especially if it’s not his boyfriend’s.”

                 At this, Yunho slammed both his hands on the table as he stood up. He was shaking. I knew he was trying to keep calm.

                “We need to talk,” he said to me.

                “Sure,” I calmly replied, not to be intimidated.

                He led the way to an empty table for two at the other side of the restaurant, far from where we were seated.

                He sat down. I followed suit. He looked at me his face was slightly shaking.

                “What’s wrong with you Changmin?” he asked, a bit of agitation in his voice.

                “Oh you know what’s wrong, Yunho,” I retorted.

                “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

                “Yes you do, you two-timing bastard.” He fell silent at my remark.

“Don’t you think I know?” I pressed on. “Jaejoong is my bestfriend, he tells me everything.”

 “You should stay out of this Changmin. It’s none of your business.”

“The hell it is,” I said trying to keep my voice down.

“You are just jealous because Jaejoong is in love with me and not you!” he shouted. “I know you love him. But he doesn’t love you. And we both know who he loves.” He added haughtily. The entire restaurant looked at us. The nerve of him. I was so mad the next words I said were just as loud as his.

“Well at least I’m not cheating on anyone just to be with him!” and with this I stormed out of the restaurant. “Changmin-ah!” I heard the others call out to me. I was already out on the pavement when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Jaejoong.

                “What are you doing here? Go back to your Yunho,” I said coldly.

                “What happened? Talk to me.”

                “Didn’t you hear me? Just leave me alone.”

                “I can’t do that Changmin-ah. I heard what he last said to you. We all did. I apologize for what he has done. Please come back inside.”

                “No! Not this time Jaejoong. I’m tired of being the one who always gives in. I am never talking to Yunho again. And I mean never!” I said all of these in one breath. “And I am not coming back inside.” I added.

                “OK let’s go to our usual spot for some coffee. My treat.”

                “Fine,” I said, giving in. AGAIN. Why do I always give in to him?

                We reached our favorite coffee shop in just a short time. We ordered our coffee and sat down on our usual seats.

                “So tell me what happened,” Jaejoong said.

                “Let’s not talk about it please,” I answered.

                “Just let it out Changmin-ah. I’m here to listen.”

                “I just hate him hyung. I’ve always hated him. For making me fall in love with him and breaking my heart. And now –“ I faltered. I was on the verge of tears. I drew in a breath and continued, “ – and now I hate him for making you fall in love with him.”

                Jaejoong fell silent so I pressed on.

                “It’s so unfair hyung. I just want to be selfish sometimes. Do you understand that? I’m just so tired of all of this. Always the bestfriend, never the boyfriend.”

                “Changmin-ah –“ he started. He paused a while took a deep breath and continued. “If you don’t want me with Yunho then I would stop seeing him.”

                “What?!?” I said in surprise. “I can’t ask that of you.”

                “I’m serious Changmin-ah,” he pressed on. “I won’t be happy if I see you unhappy. And if it means not being with Yunho, I will accept it. Even though I know it’s gonna be hard. What happened a while ago changes everything.”

                “I have to go,” I said. The things he uttered were just too much for me.

                “Changmin-ah please, just tell me what you want.”

                “I have to go Jaejoong,” I said more firmly. I stood up and started to walk out of the coffee shop. I turned back to look at him and I saw his face on his hands.

                When I arrived at my apartment I couldn’t contain it anymore. I slumped on my bed without even changing my clothes. I cried on my pillow as the events of the day went swirling in my head.

                Jaejoong, how could you do this to me? Of all the things you’ve done this is the worst. Why would you let me choose between your happiness and my own? How could you have placed your own happiness in my hands? Why should I always be the one to suffer? Will any good come out if this?

                These were my last thoughts before drifting into an uneasy sleep, knowing full well that sooner or later I would have to choose.


Tags: author: r, genre: angst, genre: tragedy, length: chaptered, rating: pg

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