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[fic] Complications - Chapter 4

Title: Complications - Chapter 4
Pairings: JaeMin
Rating: R (for some slight smut)
Warnings: JaeMin angst and some slight smut...and this has some Jaejoong-Tiffany make out session...
A/N: Chapter 4 everyone. I'd like to acknowledge my friends hmtermulo , tohoginka32 and aniprincess_13 for encouraging (not really...LOL) me to write. And to the lovely people who read the previous chapters and commented on them you make my day!!! <3

Summary: Jaejoong and Changmin are in Tiffany's crib. The secrets are starting to build up and Changmin is in for a thrilling ride.

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.2 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Final Chapter


Chapter 4

                It wasn’t so long until Jaejoong had the courage to ask Tiffany out on a date, just the two of them, unlike most of the times that the gang were together. But still, my routine with Jaejoong did not disappear. Sometimes I would even be with them eating dinner, watching a movie or just chilling in a coffee shop. If not, after every date, Jaejoong would send me a text message asking me where I was and saying he would come pick me up so we could hang out.

                This started a battle in my head, a he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not sort of debate. Why would he still want to see me even though he has just been with his girlfriend? Why does he look at me like that sometimes, as if he wants to gobble me up? The questions were bountiful.

                The next thing that happened didn’t do any good with my confusion.

                I was in Tiffany’s house one day because she asked me to come. She said she was bored. I was wondering where Jaejoong was.

                “Where’s Jaejoong-hyung?” I asked, trying not to sound suspicious.

                “He’s still coming,” came her reply. “You know how he is. Always takes so long in the shower.”

                I laughed at this. I knew this fact even before she did.

                “Didn’t he tell you he was coming?” she asked.

                “No,” I answered in a matter-of-fact tone. Although I thought it was really odd that he didn’t tell me this.

                Jaejoong arrived a few minutes after my conversation with Tiffany. I heard the door bell ring and Tiffany went down to answer it. Jaejoong strode in the room moments later.

                “Hey Changmin!” he greeted me with a smile. He looks so cute when he smiles.

                “Hey hyung! What took you so long?” I asked even when I knew what he was going to answer.


                So predictable of him, blaming the traffic, even if I know full well that most probably he took him a long ime to decide on what clothes to wear.

                “So what are we gonna do today?” I asked the both them.

                “Nothing. I just want the three of us to chill here in my house,” Tiffany answered. “Besides, it’s good to stay indoors for a change.”

                “True,” I replied. I was feeling a bit lazy too that time.

                We watched DVD movies the entire day. At some point in the afternoon, during a boring movie, I fell asleep on Tiffany’s huge bed. I woke up a while later and saw Jaejoong and Tiffany making out on the other side of the bed. Tiffany was on top of Jaejoong her hands on Jaejoong’s chest, her lips trailing kisses on Jaejoong’s neck. Jaejoong’s hands were all over Tiffany’s back, his head tilting upwards, eyes closed, breathing heavily as Tiffany was kissing, nipping his neck.

                Jaejoong suddenly flipped Tiffany on her back. Now he’s on top of her. Kissing Tiffany on the lips I saw Jaejoong’s hand go under Tiffany’s shirt. I closed my eyes not believing what I saw. I couldn’t bear it.

                “Now Jaejoong, this is not the time to do this,” I heard Tiffany say, teasing. “How about going out for some dinner? I’m starving.”

                “Sure,” Jaejoong replied, panting. He laughed as Tiffany pushed him off of her.

                “Wake Changmin up while I take a shower,” I heard her say, all the time keeping my eyes closed.

                “Okay. Hurry up,” I heard the door close behind Tiffany as she went to the bathroom. Jaejoong turned towards me but my eyes were already upon him.

                “I saw everything,” I mouthed.

                Jaejoong laughed at these words. He merely lay down on the bed again placed his hands under his head closed his eyes sighed and said, “I’m so horny.”

                I fell silent, not knowing what to say, but he pressed on. “I’m so hard.”

                I gulped. I have to say something. Grace under pressure. “Shut up or I’ll grab your dick,” I said. What a stupid thing to say. I was absolutely joking and I hoped he would take it as a joke too. But what he said next made my world spin.

                “Go ahead. Grab it.”

                “Wh-what?” I stammered. Obviously he was fooling around.

                “Hurry up before my offer expires.” Apparently, he wasn’t.

                I grabbed his hard length through the clothing of his slacks. The fabric was a bit thin so it wasn’t hard for me to feel his entire manhood. He wasn’t kidding. He was really hard. Jaejoong looked at me with a mischievous smile before nodding encouragingly. I started stroking his cock, slowly at first. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. I kept going at a steady pace. Half-formed moans erupted from his lips. I was turned on by this. But I remembered that I was in Tiffany’s house and what I’m doing was wrong. I kept stroking anyway.

                I was about to unzip his pants when we heard Tiffany shout from outside the room. “Is Changmin awake yet? I’m done with the shower.”

                I quickly let go of Jaejoong’s cock. I turned around to face the wall. My heart was pounding so fast. I was so embarrassed. I heard Jaejoong fumble with his pants before leaning in to me and whispered, “Don’t tell Tiffany.”

                I was more confused than ever before. Was he doing this on purpose? Did I do something wrong to him which caused him to do this just to spite me? The questions kept adding and I couldn’t fathom the answers. I held back the tears as I heard Tiffany enter the room already dressed. I got up. Jaejoong followed suit. And the three of us went out the door as if nothing happened.


Tags: author: r, genre: smut, length: chaptered, rating: r

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