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[fic] Complications - Chapter 3

Title: Complications - Chapter 3
Pairings: JaeMin
Rating: PG
Warnings: JaeMin angst. If you don't like frustrating heartached stories then this is not the fic for you.
A/N: I'm sorry this took a long time to be posted. My internet connection literally disappeared...anyway I'm back and this is chapter 3. It's a bit longer now compared to the previous chapters. Please enjoy and I do love it when you comment. <3's to everyone

Summary:  Changmin is in Jaejoong's house and he receives a bittersweet surprise.

Chapter: 12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.2 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Final Chapter



Chapter 3

                It has been 6 months and I havent’t told Jaejoong how I felt about him. I did not know what came into me. I was absolutely 100% contented that I am always around him. Literally, there wasn’t a day in our lives that we did not see each other, even when Tiffany stepped into the picture.

                There are 8 of us in our circle of friends: me, Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, Tiffany, Yoona, and Jessica. We always hang out with each other. But it was always me and Jaejoong who gets to be together more than the others.

                It was one of those nights where everything was just peaceful. I was in Jaejoong’s house lounging on the couch in his room. We were talking about something different when he opened up to me that he has a crush on Tiffany.

“Changmin-ah. I have something to tell you but you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone,” he said, clearly embarrassed.

“What is it?” I asked, curious.

“Nah. Never mind.”

“Come on say it! You know you can’t keep secrets from me,” I teased. He always tells me everything.

“Okay okay fine. I like someone…there I said it.”

I got nervous at these words. “Who?”

“Tiffany,” he answered.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t hurt at all, I wasn’t jealous. In fact, I was even amused. I knew that Jaejoong was bi but this was the first time I’ve heard him crushing on a girl, and a girl that I am also close to nonetheless.

“Really? Since when and why?” I asked, trying hard not to giggle.

“I dunno. I just kinda noticed her lately,”

“What kind of a reason is that?” I mused.

“I can’t explain it, okay!” he retorted.

“Awwwwww…Jaejoong is in love.”

“Shut up!” he snapped. “And you, who are you in love with?”

“Me? No one,” I said indignantly and I do believe I was convincing. “I am on a sabbatical on love.”

“Yeah, right! You’ll tell me sooner or later. You always do.”

“No I won’t ‘coz there’s nothing to tell,” I shot back.

“I know there is and I will force it from you,” he said devilishly as he pounced on where I was sitting and tickled me in places where he knew my weak spots were.

“Jae- hahaha jae-j-joong! Sto-stop…hahaha stop it!” I stuttered in between gasps of air as I was laughing hysterically.

He went back on his bed sniggering to himself. At that moment he looked at me. What I saw scared and excited me at the same time. He was looking at me as if he was undressing me with his eyes. His eyes had this fire wanting to consume me. Maybe I was just imagining it. Maybe I was hallucinating. Maybe it was real. I’ll never know. Fear got ahead of me, a fear that shouldn’t have manifested. Perhaps because I was still a virgin. Panic overtook me. I stood up and went to my side of the bed.

“I’m sleepy,” I said while pretending to stifle a yawn. “I think I’m gonna go to sleep.”

“Ok,” he replied as he turned the lights off in the room. He lay down beside me my back against him. “Changmin-ah…”

“Yes?” I replied as I twisted my body to face him.

“Do you think I’ll be a good boyfriend?” he asked me sheepishly.

You’ll be a great boyfriend if you were my boyfriend, I thought to myself.

“I guess so…” was all I could come up with. “You’re a good guy Jaejoong. You can make anyone happy.” But you’ll make me the happiest guy in the world, I added as an afterthought.

“Thanks Changmin-ah. You always have the right things to say to me.”

“Hmpf!” I exclaimed as I playfully pushed his face away. “Go to sleep already.”

“Good night Changmin.”

“Good night Jaejoong. See you in the morning.”

 As usual I lay awake long after I heard Jaejoong’s snores. I was in deep thought. Thinking about what will happen after this night. I imagined him and Tiffany together and still I can’t help but feel giddy by the thought of it. I always knew back then that I was a bit weird. I also thought that Jaejoong being with a girl was ridiculous. I’ve always imagined him with a guy, although recently I have imagined him with me. Maybe that’s why I didn’t feel threatened by the news.

My back was turned against Jaejoong. I sneaked a peak above my shoulders at him. He was sleeping like a baby. I got frustrated for not being sleepy. Suddenly, I felt Jaejoong’s arm on the pillow atop my head. His other arm went over my own and pressed his hand against my chest. I knew he was asleep and that this was just a manifestation of whatever he was dreaming. Still that idea did not comfort me as I can feel the heat coming from his body. At his hand pressed against my chest. I held my breath for a few seconds. Slowly, I felt my body relax against him. I released my breath, fully aware of his own breathing at the back of my neck. I felt a certain calmness surround me. My breathing evened out. For a second I thought of waking him up but I decided against it. I remembered wishing for time to stop at that exact moment. I kept still. I leaned my cheek against his hand and finally drifted off to sleep.


Tags: author: r, genre: angst, length: chaptered, rating: pg

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