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[fic] Complications - Chapter 2

Title: Complications - Chapter 2
Pairings: JaeMin
Rating: PG
Warnings: This is angst and this may have an ominous feeling of foreboding that things will not end well.
A/N: Chapter 2 of my first fanfic. Thanks for those who commented on chapter. I hope you enjoyed it and chapter 2 as well.

Summary: Changmin continues his story of his developing feelings during one of his bonding times with Jaejoong.

 Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.2 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Final Chapter


Chapter 2

                That weekend, Jaejoong and I went hiking in the mountains. Since the time Jaejoong and I became close friends we would always find new ways of spending time with each other every weekend. It’s safe to say that it’s our own way of spicing up our relationship, even if it is just a friendship. As we were walking up a steep pathway I realized that hiking was and will never be my thing. Jaejoong noticed me panting. He notices a lot of things about me lately.

                “Changmin-ah…I think we should rest here a while. Catch our breath,” he said with a little hint of concern in his voice.

                “Sure hyung. I could use a breather.”

                With that Jaejoong took a swig from his water bottle. Some of it spilled from the side of his lips which trickled to his chin then down to his neck. God, he was sexy. I quickly shook inappropriate visions off my head seeing as it would be impossible for my hyung and me to do things that go beyond the norms of “bestfriendship”. But in truth at that time I did not realize that I was in love with him. Instead I set on my eyes on the horizon. It was beautiful. Around me I could see the ups and downs of the mountain but beyond me I could see the city and then the sea farther from it. For me it was a very romantic view and I felt my heart suddenly beat fast.

                “Here’s some water Changmin-ah,” he said.

                “Thanks hyung,” came my reply. I don’t normally call him hyung but there are just times where in I couldn’t help calling him that. After all, I’m still younger than him.

                “Oh Changmin you’re so clumsy,” he said as I spilled some water down my front.

                Jaejoong got up, brought out a towel and started wiping my neck with it. I felt myself blush. I also wished that he hadn’t noticed. Apparently, he did.

                “Why are you blushing? Don’t tell me you love me already,” he said.

Back then he would always tease me like that. A part of me thought that it was his way of desensitizing me of my feelings for Yunho. A bigger part of me wanted to believe that he just wants to tease me because he liked me.

“No, I’m not,” I retorted. “I know you’ve always been a gay magnet but I’m the only one who is immune to your charm.”

Jaejoong laughed at this. We’ve always had this rule. Unless one of us confirms anything then it isn’t a fact. So even though we both have assumptions about each other it won’t be true unless one of us admits it. This was a good thing for me because what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Even so, as we were hiking back to the main road, I knew that things would change from now on. I haven’t admitted it yet even to myself but I was falling madly in love with him.

Tags: author: r, genre: angst, length: chaptered, rating: pg

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