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Baby Daddies

 Title: Baby Daddies
Author: k_chan91
Disclaimer: I claim Min's babeh! 8D
Pairing: Min-OT5, Jaemin
Length: oneshot
Genre: crack
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: MinPreg >8D
Summary: It's been a long seven months and no one knows who's Changmin's baby's daddy. Junsu is too pissed at Changmin for throwing his angry hormones at everyone else to get him a cup of grapefruit juice, Yoochun is too exhausted to stop crying, Yunho is too shocked at the possibility that he has impregnated a MAN to function, and Jaejoong is just loving it all. Two more months to go.

Tags: author: k, with: ot5
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