Cristy (sonourous) wrote in _starcandy,

drowning in your alibis (part one)

Title » "drowning in your alibis (part one)"
Genre » angst
Rating » G
Pairing » Jaejoong/Changmin (main), Jaejoong/Yoochun
Disclaimer: » I do not own DBSK; SM does.
A/N » After two and a half years of being in DBSK fandom, I've finally produced my first DBSK fic! I'm a bit nervous about sharing it with other fans, especially since there are some great writers in this fandom that I admire and wish I could write like, but here it is. I would hope that I know the band members' personalities well enough to portray them properly in this story, but feel free to tell me if I've written them all wrong. Comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated. Part one of this piece was inspired by The Killers' "Mr. Brightside."

( a kiss is never just a kiss )

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