guhl (starof_earendil) wrote in _starcandy,

O. Sei. Han. Gou Chapter Four

Title: O. Sei. Han. Gou.
Pairings: Jaemin, Yunchun, Junsu/?
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Disclaimer: I don't own them
Genre: Sci-fi, AU, Action
A/N: Sorry it's been a while, I'm lazy. But I have a plot and so this will get updated more.
Summary: Changmin thought he was a normal student living in this dystopia world. But things change when he meets Jaejoong, a man hunted by the government, a man claiming that Changmin was one of them. Getting involved with terrorists and the destruction of their city, Changmin can never be a normal college student anymore.

A Crescent-one, a Reaper, a Fallen one, whatever humans call us now a days; green-eyed demons.
Tags: author: s, genre: science-fiction, rating: pg13, ~old content

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