gone (cmplctd) wrote in _starcandy,

The Entertainer

title: The Entertainer.
length: 1/3 [ficlet?]
rating: NC-17.
warning: smut. you've been warned.
pairing: Jaemin / OT5 [see a/n]
summary: Changmin (a workaholic who hates his job) meets Jaejoong (a "performer") and Junsu (a famous singer in Japan) at a strip club. They become friends and go to Hawaii for a vacation where they meet Yunho and Yoochun. Things happen, and feelings get involved.

a/n: Other pairings include, Minsu, Hosu, YunChun (2U), YunChunSu. Hopefully this fills the request for [info]kibummielove & veronicaleandra at the same time. ^_^

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Tags: author: c, genre: smut, length: chaptered, rating: nc17, with: ot5
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