colored caffeine, magic ☂ (roselit) wrote in _starcandy,
colored caffeine, magic ☂

[FIC; JAEMIN] Obsidian - Chapter 16

Title: Obsidian [Chapter 16]
Authors: Diane roselit & Jenni mcgrjc6
Genre: DBSK/SuJu crossover, action/violence, [sexual] romance, drama
Pairing(s): JaeMin (mainly)
Rating: PG-15 to NC-17 (violence, smut, profanity, etc.)
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the people in my writing (with the exception of minor OCs); I only own the plot & words.
Summary: He’s leading a double life few people know about: poor college student by day, lethal assassin by night... [full summary at journal]

( As soon as the obscenity left Jaejoong’s lips, everything seemed to clash and happen at once. )
Tags: author: m, author: r, genre: crossover, genre: smut, length: chaptered, rating: pg13

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