Rose (cybermuffin18) wrote in _starcandy,

Cushy For The Pushy

Title: Cushy For The Pushy
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Crack Smut, YAY!!
Pairing: JaeMin, OT5
Length: 1,279 Words, One Shot

Summary:  Jaejoong is acting strangely and claiming he wants to gain weight. Changmin can’t figure out why, and in the end he’s not sure if he wants to know. 

A/N: This is for 


Everyone gets roped into writing something for her at some point. We’re all her slaves!! Hahaha, anyway I think she’s writing something for me…least she said she was! Anyway Yuxi, hope you like this. :D ilu!!


Tags: author: c, genre: humor, genre: smut, length: oneshot, rating: nc17, with: ot5
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