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*[Contest Entry]* A Contemplation of the Four Seasons

Title: A Contemplation of the Four Seasons
Rating: PG-13 for slight innuendo
Pairing: JaeMin and mild! Yoosu
Fandom: DBSG
Genre: Humor/Romance/Fluff
Author's Notes: Oooh, my head hurts. Second longest fanfic I've ever written. >>;; Inspired by the Hi Ya Ya Summer MV. Comments provide drive to write more and votes provide future chaptered JaeMin fics!
Words: 1790
Summary: In which Jae Joong tries to understand what Changmin is to him and figures out that love is a mistress that has taken him by force.

A Contemplation of the Four Seasons

Sun…blessed sun, and the sounds of the ocean assaulting his senses. Warm, he felt so warm, and the world was so right. Quiet, no screaming fans, just the five of them; the five Gods rising from the East.

Changmin smiled.

Jae Joong gazed at the lolling head on his shoulders and wondered briefly what Changmin was dreaming about to have a smile like that on his features. A lock of soft, brown hair fell into a sleeping face and Jae Joong reached out tenderly to brush it away to the side. Without thinking, without knowing, the singer felt his lips turn slightly upwards, as if reflecting the angelic visage in front of him. They’d had a tiring day, spending the majority of their first day of vacation posing for pictures. He’d remembered the outfits they were forced to wear…just plain swimming trunks and how he’d felt his mind shut off when he saw his lover emerge from the makeshift changing rooms.

Jae Joong had been sure he must’ve turned several shades redder when Changmin actually began posing, looking like he was made to model swimwear instead of prancing around all day in normal clothes and sunglasses. Somewhere along the lines, he recalled Yoochun smirking at him knowingly before being knocked halfway down the beach by a fist—a fist that he was very surprised to find belonged to him.

By the time the lights had stopped flashing and the cameras were packed away and the stupid makeshift dressing room had been torn down and used as Changmin’s new makeshift cape, all of them had been ready for some food. Jae Joong remembered the sudden dread creeping over him when four pairs of eyes stared at him intently; he remembered vaguely making some noncommittal joke about how he couldn’t cook because he was on vacation before Changmin had shut him up with a rather well-placed kiss.

When they had both broken apart for air, there’d lingered a very smug air about the younger boy. Jae had not (he still did not) appreciate being used like that just for food, but had acquiesced when Junsu began to make puppy eyes (he told himself that it had nothing to do with the kiss whatsoever.) So, the group of hungry gods had trooped all the way back to the beach house and four of said gods waited while the fifth made all the food.

Jae Joong remembered being astonished and pleased when Changmin had grabbed the first plate and given it over to him. The younger boy didn’t seem to notice that he’d done anything out of the norm, but Jae had still blushed and mumbled a thank you. By the time everyone had finished the food, there’d only been a stack of twelve plates, twelve pairs of chopsticks, five spoons, and five dirtied glasses left to be cleaned. He’d sighed and resigned himself to doing the cleaning all by himself when Changmin offered to help dry everything.

Jae was sure that his face would’ve cracked if he’d smiled any bigger at the point in time.

So then the next thing the group had done was hit the beach, but not before Jae Joong insisted on grabbing a bottle of sun lotion. Once the group had been treated to a very annoying lecture on how they could get skin cancer on a beach (courtesy of Jae Joong) they set out to do what Dong Bang Shin Gi did best; they set out to get some serious fun. Changmin had been the first to wade into the icy cold water of the ocean like a general into war; Jae Joong, Yoochun, and Junsu soon joined him. Yunho had decided to sing Hi Ya Ya Summer by himself on shore, the notes carrying up to where they were in the water. Changmin had cracked a smile and in the process of distracting the three of them, had cleverly splashed them all with water. Chaos had quickly ensued, the three of them chasing after the mermaid (who wasn’t as much as a mermaid as a gunman) that had done that bit of mischief. It had taken approximately two hours, thirty-seven minutes, and sixteen seconds before Changmin had finally surrendered and let himself be dragged onto shore by a very peeved and amused Jae Joong.

Needless to say, after all of them had admitted to being too tired and kind to force Jae to cook dinner for them, they’d decided to drive around and eat at the first restaurant that appealed to all of them. It’d turned out that no one could agree on anything except Changmin who just wanted some food because he was so hungry. With the looming threat of having a pissed off Minnie, everyone had quickly agreed to eat at the Chinese restaurant, 蓝莲花*. It had turned out to be a fairly decent place, decked out with red luminescent lanterns; the place had exuded an aura of serenity and sagacity. Of course, the food did turn out to be excellent and the bill didn’t give any of them a heart attack, so the unanimous group decision was to come back again the next night.

Thus, here they were, five members of Dong Bang Shin Gi sitting in a car with Yunho driving (he was the only one functioning normally at this point) as Jae Joong attempted to figure out his little lover. Unconsciously, the words in an interview came to mind, it had been an article on the five of them, dictating and describing all of them as if they were playing cards. The article had saved Changmin for last, and if Jae remembered correctly…came out something like, “The thing about Changmin…is that he isn’t the air bubble some people take him for. His mind is complex, seeing and taking things in, but never really absorbing. He’s not a genius in the ways of life but nor is he just an average happy-go-lucky child of the world. He is caught between being the bit of colorful wallpaper in an old mansion (here, Jae attempted to hold himself back from glaring, seeing as how the agitation would only wake Changmin) and being the pretty vase of flowers that everyone stares and points at; caught between being so ordinary at first glance so as to melt into the background and being so extraordinary at being so bland that he stands out. His mind is an organized mess of information, music, and lyrics. Unlike the famed fictional detective Sherlock Holmes (Jae Joong thought that that was a rather nice play on the scholar within Changmin), his brain attic is stuffed, filled with anything and everything he can get his hands on. Not to say that Changmin is horrid at organizing, he just saves things carefully…unwilling to forget, to lose his memories and precious facts of life.

Changmin doesn’t have the heart that Yoochun does, he doesn’t have the leadership capability that Yunho has, he doesn’t have that truly melodious voice that Junsu has, and he most certainly lacks the charm of Jae Joong. Perhaps he is the closest to being human out of the five gods rising in the east.”
The article had concluded rather dramatically. Jae Joong couldn’t think of anything except of how false the words were and how his lover was completely the opposite of them. He gazed at the still-dozing singer on his shoulder and regained a semblance of his composure; Changmin, he told himself, was everything that everyone wished to be but could not.

Changmin was the brightly colored leaves of autumn that fell around them during their morning jogs. He was the soft confession of love given to Jae Joong amidst the shedding trees while Junsu and Yoochun ran on ahead singing at the top of their lungs like drunken teenagers. He was the hot apple cider Jae Joong would make to warm their spirits up after a particular hard day at work. He was the stray strands of hair that always escaped from their positions and Jae Joong would have to sigh and tuck them back into place.

However, Changmin wasn’t just a cup of hot liquid or a hand brushing leaves aside in autumn, he was the love that they’d gained and the naïveté they’d dropped before the first leaves had begun to break free of the trees that held them.

Changmin was the hot chocolate shared in front of the fire when it was snowing outside in winter. He was the number of snow angels they made once the snow had settled and the sky was clear, cold, and fresh. He was their snowball fight in the back of the hotel during photo shoot and dance breaks. He was the fire that toasted their marshmallows at nighttime on Christmas Eve. He was the mess in the kitchen after hot soup had exploded and splattered onto the walls and floors of their five star hotel (he was forbidden to step foot in the kitchen afterwards.)

Changmin was their long, quiet walks in Japan amongst the beautiful sakura trees in spring. He was the rain falling on the shared umbrella during a stormy day in April, drenching and soaking the both of them despite the umbrella’s best efforts. He was the smell of fresh flowers blooming and the cool breeze blowing. He was the cold frost of winter that melted into so many beautiful colors. He was the sound of sneezing and sniffling during the first weeks of miserable allergy infected spring.

Sitting in the quiet, humming car with nothing but the sound of Yoochun’s snoring filling his ears and Changmin’s quiet breathing in his ears, Jae Joong finally realized what Changmin was to him.

Changmin was the love in his heart and the driving force behind his soul.

So he smiled gently and pulled his sleeping lover closer to him knowing that their love…was the forever he’d been searching for all along; the four seasons rolled into one to create his world.

After all, who needed a contemplation of the four seasons when the embodiment of them was in his arms?

He sees a light shining brightly down on his sandy beach and turns to look at it, but there is no need to, because that same light is now encompassing his body, filling his heart with a warmth he’s never known he needed before.

He looks down and sees a pair of strong arms holding him and doesn’t even bother to guess, choosing to tilt his head upward for a kiss.

Changmin knows he’s been blessed because he’s been kissed by the sun.


Tags: author: v, contest, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: romance, length: oneshot, rating: pg13
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