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Metaphorically Speaking

Okay, well... since it's my first time posting here, I'll keep my note short. Basically I fell in love with your group and couldn't resist posting something that's been lurking around my computer for a while now. So yes, drabble-abound.

Metaphorically Speaking
Author: Hanabi
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: Fluff
Summary: JaeJoong decides it’s about time for him to learn a new type of dance.

As we’re sitting at the bowling alley, happily wasting our time by smacking eachother upside the head, I begin to think that, with the lights as dim as they are now and the sparkling neon green and blue making any and all white in the room glow and almost pop with an other-worldly feel to it, this bowling alley would be a fun place to dance in. It sort of makes me laugh at how random that thought is (I mean, thinking about dancing on one of our only days off? How mundane…), but with you sitting so contently right beside me, YooChun and JunSu fighting for the highest ranking score merely a few yards away and YunHo slowly falling asleep whilst laying in an awkward position sprawled out across the royal blue and red plastic chairs, I don’t really care much about how random it is; it still seems like a good idea. And without much further ado, I stand up, pulling you with me (You don’t question my randomness anymore; you’re used to it) and drag you towards the nearly empty end of the room, suddenly feeling giddy and a tad light-headed. If we were, metaphorically speaking, to be a dance, would we be a waltz? A ramba? “JaeJoong…” you whisper uncertainly as I wind my arms around your waist. Perhaps even a ballet (Yeah… us, ballet… right)? But as I start moving against you, with you, to the constant, thrumming techno beat, it comes to me that, perhaps, if we were to be a dance, we would be the JaeJoong&ChangMin dance. Because, you see, in this world, there isn’t anything greater or more unique than what we create when we are together. So you, just as you always do, just follow me along, winding your fingers through mine as we dance to our own beat in the middle of an empty bowling alley underneath the blinding spotlights, loving every minute of it.

Tags: author: h, genre: fluff, length: drabble, rating: g
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