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Fic - From One

I should have been asleep two hours ago. XD But! I just had to finish this up. :3 I hope you enjoy it!!

Title: From One
Author: alohdark/hashirigakisuru
Rating: HARD R/NC-17
For: g_aria, as she loves Min's electric guitar gigbag.
Note: Unbeta'd per the usual for me. :3 Title comes from the song of the same name by the group Engu, who are awesome. Both bands mentioned in the fic are real, and I highly suggest you check them out!

ChangMin put down his guitar, fingers aching. He hurt, but he felt incredible. He practically skipped his way down the hall and into the kitchen. He giggled as he walked in just as JaeJoong started cursing, running a hand through his hair, spreading flour through his black hair without realizing it.

“JaeJoong hyuuuuung.” He called softly.

JaeJoong turned around, a smile on his face and flour on his nose. “Yes?”

“Let’s go to a live house!”

“ChangMin, you know we can’t go to concerts. Too many people could recognize us.” JaeJoong said, disappointment in his voice.

ChangMIn wasn’t deterred. “No, it’s just a live house. Really small and rock music! We’ll be fine, I swear it!” He pleaded. “Please please please?”

JaeJoong narrowed his eyes, resting his hip against the counter, itching his cheek. ChangMin tried not to smirk as more flour was added to JaeJoong’s face. “You’ve already planned this, didn’t you?”

ChangMin couldn’t keep the smirk away anymore and he nodded. “Yes! Engu and Dogma are having a small show this weekend, together!”

“Who are Engu and Dogma?” JaeJoong asked.

“Bands! Don’t worry! They’re great!” ChangMin said. “Trust me!”

“Where are they playing?” JaeJoong asked, his voice defeated.

“Osaka!” ChangMin chirped victoriously. “And you can’t say no now! You already agreed!”

“When did I agree?” JaeJoong yelled, but it was too late. ChangMin was already running away.

ChangMin plopped down in his chair, plugging his guitar back into its amp and putting his headphones on. Earlier he’d asked for a cake, which JaeJoong was making right then. Now he’s asked for a rock concert, which they’ll get to this weekend. He laughed and started playing scales. JaeJoong spoiled him.

ChangMin looked over JaeJoong one last time before they left the hotel room. He looked nothing like his JaeJoong usually looked. Very… unpretty. But it was perfect. No one would guess these two guys walking out of this hotel in Osaka were from the Korean boy band Tohoshinki. It was perfect.

ChangMin lead JaeJoong to the live house with more confidence than he felt. But the nerves, and the few minutes they were lost which JaeJoong didn’t have to know about were worth it as they reached their destination. ChangMin bounced back and forth on the balls of his feet with anticipation as he handed over their tickets and were ushered through.

ChangMin was in awe as he looked around. It was a Men’s Only Showcase and a few hundred men were packed into the small live house. Surely in the entire crowd only a handful of them would be able to recognize he and JaeJoong even when they were on stage with their name in 2 meter high characters.

ChangMin secretly lowered his hand, grabbing JaeJoong’s and giving a squeeze. JaeJoong squeezed back, and then the lights began to lower. The tension from the crowd rose until it was almost suffocating. The music started and Dogma came on stage.

The night became a blur of joy for ChangMin. Dogma finished their set, and Engu was about to take the stage. JaeJoong had been shifted from beside him to in front of him, which ChangMin’s height advantage being used to keep him from being moved again. JaeJoong was pressed up against his chest, and as the crowd surged forward, ChangMin was rubbed up against him.

Adrenaline was racing through ChangMin. He wrapped his left arm around JaeJoong, keeping them flush together even as the pressure of the crowd ebbed. JaeJoong twisted his neck, looking up at ChangMin.

And ChangMin was lost.

Lust poured through his veins, and he was both thankful and cursing JaeJoong for being so tight against him. He lowered his hand, cupping JaeJoong, feeling his reaction and keeping others from knowing. ChangMin wasn’t sure anymore if it was the bass or his heartbeat thundering in his ears. All his senses were suddenly overwhelmed with JaeJoong.

The encore was sensual torture, and the live was over. Exhausted, sweaty and a decent number of half naked males filed out of the building, dispersing into the night. JaeJoong and ChangMin walked down the block, seemingly calm, but painfully aware of the cool night air and the fluxuating distance between them.

Suddenly JaeJoong grabbed ChangMin’s hand and they ran. Ran as fast as they possibly could, hands held tightly together. They rushed to the subway station, breaking their hold to rush into the car.

It was deserted. They were completely alone. ChangMin leaned down, harshly capturing JaeJoong’s lips. “Want. So Bad.” ChangMIn panted. “Mmm, you taste so good.”

“Wait.” JaeJoong gasped, ChangMin was licking his way up JaeJoong’s neck. “Two stops and then we’ve got the hotel room to ourselves.”

“Can’t stop.” ChangMin said, pushing JaeJoong up against the door. He shoved his knee between JaeJoong’s legs, hoisting him up and using his body weight to pin him. ChangMin bit at JaeJoong’s neck, loving the salty taste of JaeJoong on his tongue.

“ChangMin, please. Just. Two stops. Please. What if people get on?” JaeJoong said, pushing at ChangMin’s shoulders but with no real effort.

ChangMin growled low in his throat, but tore himself away from JaeJoong. The older man’s lips were red and swollen, his hair tossled, make up smeared and clothes wrinkled. ChangMin just wanted to push him up against the wall again and do exactly what his lower body wanted. But he grit his teeth and sat down.

ChangMin was delighted as he watched JaeJoong just stand where ChangMin had left him, his cheeks growing flush and a noticeable tent in his pants. Slowly JaeJoong sat down and ChangMin molested him with his eyes.

It was hell as they reached their station, and they needed no foreplay as they reached their hotel room. They stumbled into walls, hands roving everywhere they could reach on the others bodies and their lips and teeth and tongue assaulting wherever they could.

JaeJoong broke away, kneeling down and fumbling through his bag. He stood in triumph, holding an unopened tube of lube proudly in his hand. ChangMin threw off his shirt, kicked off his pants and stood gloriously nude before JaeJoong. ChangMin’s cock twitched as felt eyes run over him as palpable as real touch.

He reached out, undoing JaeJoong’s jeans and pushing them down. He didn’t wait as he turned JaeJoong around, pushing him down on the bed. “Sorry. Can’t wait.”

“S’okay.” Slurred with passion. JaeJoong handed back the lube, he kicked his pants off, and jumped in surprise as he felt something cold against his most intimate places.

ChangMin wanted to make sure JaeJoong wouldn’t feel like he was tearing in half, but it was hard to concentrate when all the blood in his body had rushed south and was very angry at the delay in satisfaction.

“ChangMin, just…. Please…” JaeJoong panted and ChangMin lost his mind. He tried to slowly push his way into JaeJoong, but then he pushed his hips back into ChangMin.

That broke ChangMin’s final restraint. His hips moved into action, fucking JaeJoong with all he could. His hands were bruising on JaeJoong’s hips.

JaeJoong’s arms gave out, and his face crashed to the bed. They both groaned, ChangMin now hitting new places. JaeJoong pulled himself up, resting his weight on one forearm and reaching between his legs. ChangMin felt JaeJoong tense, and shake as he touched himself.

The edge was getting closer, and ChangMin didn’t care to hold himself back. He thrust into JaeJoong with near violence, groans tearing out of his throat. His orgasm overwhelming him, rushing through him, turning him inside out and crashing the world around him until there was only he and JaeJoong and ecstasy. He dimly heard JaeJoong scream his name before everything fell away.

Slick, hot flesh and a muffled “can’t breath” brought ChangMin back to hazed senses. He moaned as he pulled out of JaeJoong, before rolling onto his back. He lazily pulled JaeJoong up against his side. His eyes were unfocused as they stared up at the ceiling. He was completely exhausted, not even able to pick his head up to kiss JaeJoong like he wanted to.

“Best. Night. Ever.” He whispered, throat raw and voice husky.

JaeJoong chuckled, leaning up and kissing ChangMin. “It certainly was.”

ChangMin smiled, his vision going black. He was asleep before he realized he’d closed his eyes.

Tags: author: a, author: h, rating: nc17
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