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Forgotten Days (Chaper Two)

Title: Forgotten Days
Written By: Perriwynkkle (Megan)
Length: Chapter Two of....unknown
Rating: PG (for language)
Pairing: JaeMin
Genre: Romantic dramadey
Disclaimer: I do not own Jae or Min, though I wish I did. Story idea is mine, no stealers pleasers.
DBSK have broken up long ago, and Jaejoong is alone and forgotten on New Year's Eve, and as the rain falls, memories are brought back to the surface and feelings projected to the masses once again.


Link to Chapter One:

Author's Note: Lookie how fast I am! Speedy, speedy today...I am crazy! Have so many good ideas running through the hampster wheel! I know this chapter isn't very long...but they will get longer I promise!

Chapter Two

As the morning progressed, Changmin stood up from the couch, leaving an indent in the soft leather as he walked into his room and shut the door. I stayed put, not really knowing my place in the house yet. It didn’t seem right to follow him, and I would be considered a fool if I left…..where would I go anyway?
So my gluteus maximus stayed planted firmly on the couch, awaiting a replay from my dark haired comrade.
The sound of water running hit my ears after a few minutes, so I was stuck. What would I do? I was beginning to get antsy and my legs were cramping up from my curled position so I stood up, folded the blanket I had used to cover myself, and draped it over the top of the leather couch. I picked up the mugs we had drank out of and walked silently into the kitchen. Finding the dish soap under the sink in a cabinet, I turned on the water, picked up the sponge lying in the stainless steel drain and cleaned out the coffee from the white, ceramic mugs. Laying the mugs gently down on the rack next to the sink to dry, I decided I wanted to explore a bit. I could still hear the shower running, so I figured I could snoop around freely without being caught.
His kitchen was, to say the least, very clean. I had never seen such an immaculate kitchen in my entire life, unless I counted the one time I went to the Prime Minister’s mansion in Pusan, now that was one clean house.
The kitchen was simple too, all white maple cabinets and drawers with white marble counters, stainless steel appliances, and white kitchen tools, utensils, and ceramics. It was simple, clean and to the point…it was Changmin. The living room was almost exactly the same in color, only the furnishings were all either tan in color, glass or clear plastic. There were no pictures on the wall, but a large stainless steel clock that ticked loudly beside the sliding doors. I hadn’t noticed the clock before, since it had been covered in shadow during the morning hours. I walked from the living room into the short hallway that led to Changmin’s bedroom and bathroom. The tan, short haired, carpet felt soft against my feet as I sneaked past the bathroom into the small bedroom. The walls were white as expected, the furnishings compiling of a desk, reclining chair and bed frame were all natural maple wood. The king size bed was covered in white and dark blue cotton sheets, and the dark blue curtains over the small window beside the bed prevented the yellow rays of the sun to envelop the room. A small laptop was closed on the desk, a small black radio plugged in beside it. Changmin’s small flip phone also sat atop the desk near the edge of the radio, charging up for another day’s use. The only thing left for me to discover was a small walk in closet, closed off by white wicker doors. I itched to open the doors, seemingly teasing me with their semi-see through weaves. I reached out for the one of the small doors, my fingers shaking from hunger.
“Make yourself at home.” I cringed as Changmin’s silky voice slid through my ears and into my guilty brain. I should have listened for the shower to stop running before I went any further. I cleared my throat and dropped my hands to lie beside my waist. With my back still turned to Changmin’s front, I replied softly,
“Sorry Min, I didn’t mean to be a snoop. I was just curious about how well you lived.” I blushed and I heard Min walk past me towards his closet. I looked up to find him dressed in only a towel, his hair wet, and plastered to his bronze colored neck. My face flushed an even deeper crimson then before.
Changmin opened the doors to reveal a small walk in closet filled with Dockers work pants, blue jeans, t-shirts of a few colors, and work suit tops with ties and shoes. All organized as if he was going to be tested that very morning. I had to suppress a chuckle at seeing how meticulous Changmin really was in every aspect of his house. From the floor to the ceiling, everything was perfect, even the owner.
“Jaejoong, I don’t mind you looking around, and you are welcome to stay today while I am away at work and school. You can do whatever you’d like today…as long as you clean up your messes afterwards. Also since I don’t have any spare keys you are stuck in here unless you’d rather get locked outside in the cold.” Changmin said as he pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and navy slacks. I cringed at the thought of being out in the cold again, so I vowed to stay indoors for the day. I decided to make my exit as Changmin was pulling on a white shirt and blazer, walking into the living room and sitting down once more on the plush leather couch.
Changmin soon walked out of his room, Columbia jacket zipped up and ready to venture into the chilly morning air. I smiled at him as he walked by, grabbed a lunch bag out of the fridge, and wrapped his fist around a large chain of keys.
“I’ll be back around 6:00pm and then we can cook dinner and catch up on stuff. So, your free to do whatever is to your liking as long as it doesn’t involve the words ‘keg’ or ‘party’ in the description. See you tonight.” Changmin exclaimed as he walked slowly to the door and waved a short goodbye.
For a while I sat there, enjoying the warmth of the couch, listening to calming sounds of the seagulls flying off the tar skyscraper roofs. I began to feel groggy, and before I knew it, I was swimming in a sea of black.


By the time I had woken up it was already 4 pm, I couldn’t believe I had slept that long. I looked around; Changmin still wasn’t home and wouldn’t be for another few hours yet so I had to find something to do so as not to be bored out of my mind for half the day. I wanted to explore around the house some more, but as I got up to wander around the small apartment, my stomach lurched with hunger. Putting aside the exploring fetish for a while, I turned into a scavenger and began to look through all his cabinets and drawers for anything edible. The first drawer I came upon I slid open, only to find silverware and knives, the next drawer down was cloth napkins and peelers, and so on and so on.
“Does he always have to be so organized?” I asked the quiet apartment as I looked through more drawers. Finally I came upon a Lazy Susan cabinet that held a box of Cheerios and a bag of Potato Chips. I grabbed the crinkly tin bag from inside the wood cabinet and went to the fridge. I looked around in the fridge to find only a gallon of milk and Brita water to drink. I preferred Dr. Pepper, but milk and water would have to do for now.
I set the gallon of milk on the counter and filled a small, clear glass with the creamy-white liquid. I went back to the couch, turned on the television and started to chow down on the salty yellow slices of fried potato.
Switching through the channels a while, I finally came to a channel that was playing an older movie called “Brokeback Mountain” and I decided to watch it and see if it was any good. I soon found out how great it really was, it was about two mountain cowboys who fall in love far out on a mountain while working to pay off debts. I sat there entranced by the screen, not knowing I was eating all of Changmin’s chips in the process. By the time the movie was over, I had ate all the chips, drank all my milk and my face was stuck in the wide-eyed position.
“Damn I love being gay.” I stated to the now empty bag of chips sitting in my lap as tears silently fell down my face as the credits rolled. "Damn these sad endings, make me cry like a fucking girl."
Wiping the tears from I eyes I glanced at the large silver clock, there was still an hour left before Changmin got home.
"Just enough time to make dinner." I said to myself, pulling my now chip engorged ass out of it's squishy leather prison and walking to the bleached kitchen.
Opening the cabinet, I pulled out a stainless steal pot, cookie sheet, and spoon, along with an extra large box of Kraft Macaronni and Cheese I had found lodged behind wheat flakes and Foldger's pre-ground coffee.
Most of what I had found to be edible was all health food, aside from the box of mac and cheese I was now cooking, and a few scattered hershey's bars. Seriously, Min had changed, he used to never care about what he ate, damn, as long as what was put in front of him was edible, it would be gone in 10 seconds flat. We could tell him it was goat's testicles and he would have probably still ate them, albeit not happily yet still willingly.
After I filled the pot with cool water and sat it on the stove to boil, I heard the door to the apartment slowly swipe open, a sound click reverberating off the walls with a gust of cold winter air in it's wake.
"I'm home!" I heard Changmin shout with a clatter of keys against wood.
"In here Changmin!" I stated, hearing footsteps walking towards the kitchen soon after.
"Wow, what are you making Jaejoong?" Changmin asked as he slowly walked into the kitchen, nimble fingers slowly loosening his tie and pulling out buttons on the top half of his dress shirt. Damn was he ever tasty looking.
"Oh...I uhm..." I stuttered, "Macaronni and Cheese...I found the box today while I scavanged."
His eyebrows raised in curious compliance, "Hmm, sounds like you were quite the new Sherlock Holmes. Maybe next time you can try and find that R.E.M. CD I lost a while back!" He chuckled. Holy shit was that a joke?
"I could try and find it for you, but don't get your hopes up." I said, pouring the hard pasta into the now boiling water, stirring with my spoon.
I watched as the little macaronni's danced through the water, the steam hitting my face with comforting warmth, leaving my face shiny with persperation.
"You know..." Changmin said lightly. I looked up from my pasta. "It's nice to come home to someone again."
Changmin cleared his throat, "Well, I am going to go change into some more comfortable clothes, be back in a second."
I heard footsteps echoe their way down the narrow hallway followed by the slight slam of a bedroom door.
I had stopped stirring the pasta, it no longer had top priority.

The quickened beating of my heart, did.

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