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Unconventional Emotions (Sequal)

Title: Unconventional Emotions
Written By: Perriwynkkle/Megan
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: One-Shot Sequal
Rating: NC-17 (for graphic sex and language)
Disclaimer: I do not own Jae or Min...though I wish I did.

Summary: I'm like a mouse in a cage, running but getting nowhere.

Author's Note: So, since you guys just couldn't get enough of the story, here is the sequal I promised I would write. I really am honored you liked it so much, it makes me very happy to know that my writing is appreciated. ^-^

Link to Unconventional Emotions P1:

Damn Changmin was good in bed. Wait, no he was better, he was fucking magnificent!
Jaejoong sighed as he lay content, wrapped in the covers of his bed, next to his lightly sleeping lover.
Jaejoong couldn’t believe what had just happened; it surprised him, yet excited him to no end that he had just slept with a guy, let alone his band mate and best friend. Not that he denied his homosexuality, it was far from it, he embraced being who he was and what he liked to be with. He had known he was bisexual since a young age, so it seemed completely natural to him to want to kiss another of his own gender. And damn was Changmin a good pick. Not once had Jaejoong ever seen or heard of Changmin having sex…or doing anything immoral for that matter. Where Changmin had picked up those movements he would probably never know, but in reality he didn’t really give a crap where he learned it, as long as it was used on him.
Jaejoong had fallen for him the first time he’d seen him, all gangly with arms too long for his torso and an unknown elegance to his step. He was too cute to be 15, but too tall to not be an adult, it was quite the compromise of the XY chromosomes.
Changmin’s smile, when Jaejoong first saw it, blew him away, the pearly whites and the pink lips all surrounding a wondrous red tongue making their way into his heart by a boisterous laugh. Jaejoong knew it was going to be a life goal to make Changmin smile like he had that day, every single day from then on.
Most of the time, Jaejoong’s plans worked and the wondrous smile would beam out from between rosy cheeks, making Jaejoong’s day seem just that bit brighter.
Rummaging quietly through his backpack, Jaejoong brought out the beat up old journal he had been writing in the night before and clicked open his pen. Before he started to write, Jaejoong twisted to check that Changmin was still asleep, his black lashes curved against his cheeks.
Turning to an empty page, Jaejoong started a new entry, his sloppy cursive staining the perfectly white pages awaiting ink.

February 23, 2008

Changmin slept with me……smile count is too much to number.

“So that is what you write in there.” Changmin’s groggy voice whispered into Jaejoong’s ear as his pen eventually slowed.
Slamming the journal closed, the pen thrown in as a book mark, Jaejoong replied, “Oh crap, your going to start thinking I am all sentimental and shit aren’t you?”
Changmin chuckled, “Well isn’t everybody? But no, I wasn’t going to think you were sentimental…creepy is more what I was thinking.”
Sighing, Jaejoong turned to face Changmin completely, “Okay, yes, I am slightly…uhm…” he stuttered, he couldn’t think knowing Changmin was naked under the thin sheets. “Obsessed with a considerably beautiful feature of yours.”
“My smile is really that amazing eh?” Changmin sat up, the sheet falling even lower on his tan hips revealing a jut of bone, “And obsessed may be going too far, maybe you are more….enamored?”
Jaejoong thought about it for a moment, “Enamored…does sound so much better doesn’t it?”
Changmin nodded, “Yeah it kind of does.” He looked down at a fingernail, “I actually had thought maybe that book was where you hid all your inner most thoughts or…your naughty porn stories…something more crazy.”
Jaejoong started to laugh, his hand running up to cover his mouth, “Why would I have naughty porn stories?”
“I don’t know, but it would be a lot more entertaining than a “smile journal.” Changmin said in a girly voice, Jaejoong hitting him lightly on the shoulder.
“I can give you something that is more entertaining baby…” Jaejoong moaned, mockingly imitating the innocence of a school girl.
Changmin’s face started to wrinkle in disgust, “You sound like the voice track to bad porn.”
Jaejoong sneered, “You should know.”
“That was purely for show and you know it!” Changmin shouted back, the muscles on his neck straining slightly.
“Uh huh, I bet.” Jaejoong laughed, running a hand through brown/black hair, ruffled by the hard tumble a few hours before. “Then how did you learn all that?”
A confused look encompassed Changmin’s handsome face, “Learn what?”
Jaejoong rolled, his legs entangling with Changmin’s, his face hitting a soft yet firm chest, and his mouth opening to accept a hard pink nub.
“Oh, that.” Changmin moaned in answer to his own question as Jaejoong continued to plunder his nipples with soft bites and harsh strokes of a heated tongue. Changmin tilted his chin to watch as the brown head dived into his abs, licking up and down the small bumps, leaving a trail of sticky saliva in its wake.
Jaejoong felt a pair of hot hands bury themselves in his hair as he worshiped the body beneath him, trying to push him lower to a now more assertive goal.
Lifting up, Jaejoong straddled Changmin’s thighs, his bare bottom settling lightly down on the mattress between his legs. Wrapping his legs around Changmin’s middle, Jaejoong pulled his young lover down for a heated morning kiss. Their twin erections rubbed as Jaejoong slid ever closer to Changmin’s torso, moans dripping from their entwined mouths.
Changmin ran his hands down Jaejoong’s toned back, his fingers dipping lightly into the crack of Jaejoong’s bottom while rubbing at the small of his back.
Pre-cum coated both their stomachs as their cocks continued to rub together while the friction still remained between their groins.
Pulling their mouths apart, Jaejoong watched as Changmin licked his lips, the small and innocent action making him all the hornier.
“Changmin…I want to be inside you.” He whispered while leaning his forehead against his lover’s, their sweat mingling and dripping off onto the pure white sheets.
Changmin was silent for a moment as he watched their trapped penises still grinding together between their ever thrusting hips. He couldn’t believe how long he was holding out, but he knew if they did this any longer, the inevitable would happen and happen too soon.
“You want inside me, eh?” Changmin asked, pushing Jaejoong backwards onto the bed and unraveling himself from between Jaejoong’s legs. “Then come get me.” He said, jumping from the bed and running to the other side of the cozy room.
Jaejoong turned his head from the wall he was now facing, trying to catch of glimpse of a very sexy and a very erect naked Changmin up against the far wall.
“Oh come on now Min, I am too horny for this bullshit.” Jaejoong whined, the fake anger all but too apparent as he looked upon a wickedly smiling Changmin.
“What if I told you that if you catch me,” Changmin started, leaning up against the wall, arms crossed over his chest, “You can spread me open and fuck me, anywhere in this room.”
Jaejoong pretended to ponder as he stood, stealthily striding over to where Changmin leaned, “That’s quite an offer.” He moved in closer still, so close Changmin could smell his sweat and last night’s cologne. “I accept your challenge.”
“Great.” Changmin sighed, his mind ready to flee, but his body ready to thrust Jaejoong up into him.
Jaejoong stared into Changmin’s eyes, his touch a breadth away, “Why aren’t you moving then?”
Changmin swallowed, “I have no where to go.”
Jaejoong smiled, “Some challenge.”
“Shut the fuck up and…” Changmin whispered until mouth descended upon his once again, sucking the breath out of his lungs.
Jaejoong pulled away, “Kiss you? Is that what you were going to say?”
“Something like that.” Changmin agreed, plunging his tongue back into the warm, inviting cavern that was Jaejoong’s red mouth.
“Totally….cliché.” Jaejoong mumbled between roving kisses, his hands massaging the back of Changmin’s muscular thighs.
Changmin moaned into the kiss as his arms unwrapped from each other to cup the back of Jaejoong’s neck and pull him ever deeper into his paradise.
Jaejoong sucked hard on Changmin’s bottom lip, the plump muscle soft and pliable under his questing tongue and nipping teeth. Continuing to suck, Jaejoong felt another hot tongue rub along his upper lip, sucking it into a twin hot mouth.
As Changmin pulled away, he heard Jaejoong groan, “Shit, you’re good.”
Changmin chuckled lightly, the rumbling in his chest flowing into Jaejoong’s lungs and vibrating his ever beating heart. “I try.”
Smiling at each other, their hands resting on jutting hips, they pulled away from the wall, sticky sweat leaving a glowing sheen on both bodies.
“I think I know where I want you.” Jaejoong whispered, his fingers rubbing circles around Changmin’s protruding bottom.
“Oh and where might that be?” Changmin asked while his fingers did their own dance across his lover’s nipples.
A long, elegant finger pointed, and dark brown eyes followed, the window in the line of sight.
“The window?” Changmin asked, an eyebrow rising high on his forehead. “You know we can’t do that….people could see us.”
Jaejoong kissed a sloppy line up Changmin’s jaw, “Not with the curtains closed.” Changmin felt hands wrap around his rock hard member,
“So what do you say Min?”
“I think,” Changmin grunted, his eyes squinting without his glasses, “You’ve lost your mind.”
Jaejoong sneered, grabbing Changmin’s upper arms and dragging him to the cloth covered window,
Changmin chuckled, turning around against the window, hands up against the cold fabric holding his lower half upright.
Jaejoong could feel his hard on grow larger as he watched Changmin get into position, the broad shoulders and slim hips guiding sinewy muscles into place beneath tan skin. Unruly brown curls framed Changmin’s face as he twisted his neck to steal a glance at Jaejoong; his lover’s face practically gleaming with lust at the sight of Changmin’s open and willing body.
“Just going to stand there Jae?” Changmin asked, wiggling his hips.
Jaejoong watched as Changmin’s balls danced and his cock bobbed from behind, “Holy shit Changmin.”
Changmin laughed, turning his body back to face his lover, wrapping his hands around the long neck and pulling his legs up and over slim hips, “Really Jae, do I have to do all the work?”
A rasping moan ripped from Jaejoong as Changmin sank a pre-lubed hole on top of his engorged and enflamed penis. “Holy shit Changmin!”
Pushing up, Changmin rode his cock all the way to the tip, then sunk back down, gravity assisting in the process. “Is that all you have to say Jae?”
Jaejoong shook his head as Changmin pulled up again, “No.” Thrusting forward, Jaejoong met Changmin’s next downward thrust, a groan rumbling in Changmin’s throat.
“Want me to tell you what I think?”
Sweat dripped from damp hair strands as Changmin nodded, his and Jaejoong’s thrusts meeting rapidly again and again.
Jaejoong smiled seductively, “I think, my cock looks so good pumping in and out of your tight, wet hole.” Lifting a hand from off of Changmin’s bottom, Jaejoong grabbed at a loose arm around his neck, leading the hand down to where their bodies met in tandem.
Changmin’s eyes went wide as his fingers hit Jaejoong’s thrusting cock and his wide open hole, coarse pubic hairs tickling his palm.
Jaejoong sighed, Changmin’s fingertips caressing his pumping erection while his own hands slid up and down Changmin’s sweaty buttocks.
The rough thrusting continued as Changmin pulled his hand away from their groins to wrap it around Jaejoong’s neck once again, wanting to gain more friction.
The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and wet pants filled their ears, and the smell of their combined sweat and cum seemed to float in and out of their nostrils.
Jaejoong felt his legs strain to hold Changmin up against the curtain as his hips threw themselves forwards and back, shoving his thick cock up into Changmin’s open rear.
“Harder Jae, please, harder.” Changmin panted, the sweat running down his chest making his tan skin glow a honey sheen.
Complying to his needs, Jaejoong thrust faster, the sweat dripping off his forehead and falling to land with a slight splat against Changmin’s straining six pack.
A shout fell from between Changmin’s lips as he felt the long shaft inside him rub up against his enflamed prostate, the little nub sending electric sparks shooting through his passion flooded veins.
Jaejoong felt a smile break out across his face through his lust induced haze, he would never tire of hearing that voice, especially if it was screaming in pleasure.
Finally wrapping his hand around Changmin’s dripping member, Jaejoong whispered,
“Cum Min, cum on me.”
Changmin’s groans came out gargled as long spurts of white, sticky seed burst from his pulsing cock, soaking both his and Jaejoong’s thrusting hips and heaving chests.
Jaejoong gasped as the tight heat surrounding his member pulsed around him, the sucking sensation pulling out his impending orgasm, leaving it to coat the insides of Changmin’s passage with warm lubrication.
Changmin sighed, pulling his legs down from their twisted position around Jaejoong’s jutting hips, finding a new kink in the back of his thigh.
“Damn…” Jaejoong panted, a hand running through his sweaty bangs, watching as Changmin pushed himself off the now sweat soaked curtain.
“Hope those weren’t dry clean only.” Changmin chuckled as he pointed to the worn curtains, Jaejoong laughing in return.
Jaejoong looked down at each of them, noting the cum dripping down their chests and thighs, “I think us dirty boys need to get clean, what do you say?”
Changmin laughed, “I think Jaejoong needs to stop stating the obvious.”
Jaejoong blanched in false surprise as Changmin wrapped an arm around his waist, bringing him in for a lazy post-coital kiss. “But a bath may be in order…especially since the guys will probably be back soon.”
Jaejoong smiled, “Yeah they probably aren’t ready to walk in and see us like this.”
Changmin smirked, “No I highly think not…although I quite like the view.” He said as he pulled back and examined his lover’s tight and toned body.
“Hmm” Jaejoong moaned as he pulled Changmin in for one more wet kiss, “I’m glad you do, now start walking.” Jaejoong keeping his point by slapping a palm against Changmin’s left butt cheek.
A squeal shot out of Changmin’s throat, “That’s mine!”
Jaejoong shook his head, “Oh Changmin, hold on a second.” He said as Min started walking to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way. “You never answered my question.”
Turning back towards the bathroom, Changmin replied, “What question?”
“I asked where you had learned all that stuff from…so, uhm…” Jaejoong stalled, his eyes riveted on Changmin’s swaying bottom, “so yeah, where’d you learn all those things?”
Jaejoong could swear he saw a chuckle ripple through his lover’s chest, “Oh, well, those fan girls sure do have some interesting fantasies.”
Changmin laughed as Jaejoong approached him, confusion echoing in his facial expression, “Do you really not know what I am talking about?” he asked.
“No…should I?” Jaejoong responded, as he turned on the shower.
“Fanfictions.” Changmin answered, climbing into the shower.
Jaejoong smiled as he climbed in after his lover,
“Changmin have I ever told you you’re a genius?”


Hope you liked it...I know I am not all that great at writing yeah, forgive me. XDDD
Comments are much appreciated as always! Thanks for all the support!
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