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Frosting = Fun [2/2]

Title: Frosting = Fun [1/2]

Pairing: JaeMin

Rating: NC-17 [sex and language]

Summary: *points to title*

A/N :: *dodges tomatoes* I'm sorry it took me longer than I had said it would! xD I've been packed with school and my keyboard died on me this weekend. [I have a new one which I absolutely love] Anyway, part two of Frosting = Fun! A dedication to the lovely, smut-writing talented

mrsedjack!! <3 *glomps* Alas, shame-less SMUT!



Part - O N E

Jae licked the frosting from his finger absentmindedly. The cake was in the oven, baking to a scrumptious dessert.

His thoughts about his younger lover made him warm and he cursed it.

Having removed the fresh baked good from the oven and disposed of the now empty frosting container Jae leaned against the counter with a sigh.

The chocolate frosting could still be tasted on his tongue, and it would not let him forget the performance it had assisted.

The chef growled in frustration.


Changmin hadn’t been able to wipe the smirk off his face. Even when he realized that the only options of relieving himself of his burden were a cold shower or his hand. He chose the first and scurried into the bathroom. Undressing hastily, the youngest jumped in and shuddered when the cold contrasted with his heat.

Spreading shampoo onto his hand, he slowly massaged it into his hair. After washing that out, he lathered his body with soap and rinsed off.

“Stupid— Jae.” The cold shower had not worked. Option two.

It wouldn’t be hard to finish quickly when he could still feel Jae’s tongue on his finger and could still vividly see Jae’s clouded eyes.

His pumping went from slow strokes to fast thrusts. Changmin could feel his body tighten and his breath becoming irregular.

It was a matter of mere minutes before his load was spent. He leaned against the wall, panting.

Strong arms embraced him and hot air was pressed against his neck. “That was hot.”

The smirk, again.

“The frosting or the shower?” Jae pressed him lips against the taller man’s neck, smiling.


Changmin’s smirk grew before melting into a moan. Jae’s hands were roaming his chest, pulling at his nipples and fondling his lower abdomen.

Changmin pushed back, finding to his delight, bare skin.

And now it was Jae’s turn to moan.

“God Jae,” Changmin pushed back again, relishing in the hardness he found and the thought that it was for him.

Changmin hadn’t noticed the hardness his own body had formed until Jae gripped him roughly. Grunting Changmin arched his back, rubbing against Jae’s hard-on before thrusting into the older man’s hand.

“Jae—” Changmin’s words were lost among his moans as Jae’s fingers pulled. “I need you—”

The unspoken request was understood. But Jae needed it to be voiced. He stopped his pumping and roamed the younger man’s back instead.

“What do you need Changmin?” Jae’s breath did little to distract Changmin from the fingers that were now prodding his entrance.

“I-I…” Changmin pushed back. “I need you—” Again, Min’s words were taken from his mouth as a finger slipped into him and his voice lowered into a moan.

The youngest fought against himself to voice his demand. He knew Jae would do it once he asked him. Jae knew it just as well.

“Jae…” The man attached his mouth to the other’s neck before adding another finger, and sucked until the skin beneath his lips became red with abuse. “I need you in me.”

Changmin’s breaths came in heavy pants once he had gotten that out, in anticipation to what was to come.

With only cold water as lube and a mere two finger prod for prep, Jae’s throbbing cock was pushed into his lover. Moans, grunts, pants, and the sound of slapping skin.

“God Min,” Jae pushed his face into Changmin’s neck, his lips pressing against the soft skin. “You’re so tight…”

Changmin’s response was another round of moans and, “Harder!”

Jae happily complied, ramming himself even more into the younger one, hitting spots that made the latter scream.

“Come for me Minnie,” Jae’s hand snaked around Changmin’s body at his words and wrapped his long fingers around Changmin’s throbbing desire.

“Fuck… Jae.” After a couple more strokes, Jae had Changmin coming hard and long, and followed not far behind.

“God Jae,” Changmin leaned into the other man, feeling muscles and taught skin clash.

“Revenge.” Changmin raised an eye brow in fake innocence.

“Revenge, hyung? Did I do something to upset you?” Changmin brushed a strand of dripping wet hair from his face.

The other growled.

“Well, since I don’t think I did anything that deserved punishment, and yet still I got it…” Jae looked at him tiredly. “I guess I’ll have to return the favor.”

Jae hadn’t realized the implications of Changmin’s words until he felt his exhausted body being lifted.

The breath was knocked out of the eldest when his stomach came in contact with a shoulder, while being hoisted by the youngest.

“C-Changmin?” Jae rubbed his eyes tiredly.

“Yes hyung.” Jae squinted.

“What are you doing, and why are you calling me hyung?” Changmin snickered.

“Getting my revenge.” Jae felt the slight descend in temperature, tipping off a change of room. “And you are my hyung after all.

Jae grunted as he was pushed onto the bed and then pinned.

“Changmin—” The singer’s whines were lost within another’s mouth.

“Don’t worry hyung; you’ll enjoy my revenge just as much as I enjoyed yours.” Jae’s eyes fluttered close as he felt light caresses, and soon the feel of soft cloth on his body.

Changmin took his time toweling water droplets from his lover’s pale body, enjoying the smooth surface and rejoicing in its soft texture.

He was already semi-hard by the time both of them were dry, Jae’s orbs were still hidden behind quivering eye lids, and Changmin swooped down to plant kisses on them.

Jae didn’t flinch at the touch, didn’t open his eyes. He probably thought Min had forgotten about revenge.

Changmin held back a snort of amusement.

His hand found his hardening length and began stroking. He could feel Jae’s come dripping slowly down his legs, turning him on even more.

Changmin’s cock throbbed in his hand with glee as he double his might.

Jae’s moan made him stop and look at the elder body sprawled out before him in all its glory. He smirked. Revenge.

Changmin crawled over Jae, the friction creating strikes of electrical pleasure that surged through both bodies. Lips met, hands locked, bodies clashed.

Breaking away for a light breath, Changmin looked into cloud eyes and willing soul. Butterfly kisses trailed down the singer’s jaw line and neck, nibbles on his collar bone, and teasing for his hard nipples. Changmin made his way down south and purred his delight.

Wasting no time in delving into the treasure offered to him, Changmin took Jae’s length in one swipe.

Sucking lazily Changmin hummed. “Changmin!” Jae’s hands had found their way to his hair and were pulling him closer.

Staying true to his words of revenge, Changmin pinned Jae’s hips down with his hands. Still exhausted from earlier activities, the oldest gave up and relaxed into the mattress below him.

Satisfied with the reaction, Changmin slowly made his way up the throbbing shaft, licking, kissing, nibbling. His fingers fondled Jae’s balls tenderly, blowing onto his shaft lightly before taking it fully into his mouth again.

Jae’s moaning was getting louder, and Changmin’s cock harder.

“Changmin— ugh, stop t-teasing me.” Changmin smiled around the cock in his mouth and hummed his reply. Jae yelped at the vibrations and hands fisted in the bed sheets.

Damn frosting…

“Min…” His mind was slowly failing him, losing all hopes of coherent thought.

Running his tongue down the slightly visible vein in the member he had in his grasp, Changmin’s other hand snaked under the other man and entered without warning.

Muscles reacted, clamping down, and Jae had to will himself to relax despite the growing urge to lose control.

Three fingers and Changmin could feel his self power slip.

Pulling out with a whimper from Jae, Changmin positioned himself on top of the singer, and plunged into the deep hole of pleasure.

“Shit Min— you’re so fucking big!” Jae wrapped his hands around Changmin’s neck, pulling the boy closer into his body.

Moans, grunts, pants, and the sound of slapping skin.

Jae tried his best to match his partners thundering thrusts and Changmin silenced the other with his mouth.

Rubbing against the pleasure inducing bundle of nerves inside Jae, Changmin knew both of them were close. He wrapped his palm around the throbbing organ that had been rubbing oh so erotically against his abdomen and began to tug at it.

“MIN!” The body beneath him shuddered and exploded between them. Changmin pummeled into Jae a couple last times before joining him on his high.

After descending from their own personal cloud, bodies tangled together like pieces of a jigsaw.

“I love you Changmin.” The youngest smiled up at his lover.

“I love you too hyung,”  The angel grunted, before closing his eyes.

Chocolate after-taste and the sounds of passionate love.


A special thanks to deftonsita who let me tease her while writing the fic and for encouraging me ^__^ *huggies* Te quiero!


Tags: author: p, genre: smut, length: chaptered (completed), rating: nc17
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