sum3r (sum3r) wrote in _starcandy,

For You [Part 1]

Title: For You

Author: Sum3r

Pairing: JaeMin

Rating: R

Warning: Smex, Violence, Murder

Summary: What if for each life you lived, you died for the one you love? What if you were reborn throughout the span of history, only to fall for the one person to whom you would give everything up for? 5 different lives in 5 different countries, 2 people, 1 love.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving! XD A five-shot that I have been planning on writing for some time now ^^ First part is done tho~ but no regular updates, as I will only write in between my main fic, BOY. Warning: Eventually R/Lemon/Smex/Violence/Blood/Gore (no joke). I felt as though I needed to write this~ The names will be kept the same, to make things clearer. Enjoy~!

[Part 1]
Tags: author: s, genre: alternate universe, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: chaptered, rating: r
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