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Kiss the Chef - Happy Birthday Theresa_Lynne!

Title: Kiss the Chef




Pairing: OT5

Rating: NC-17

Warning: extremely graphic s e x!

A/N :: Omg I am so freaking tired~

Ok, this was originally planned to be a JaeChunMin (idea by Tim) but ended up OT5. No idea how. This is probably by far one of the most complicated things I have ever written. How I juggled first, second, and third person in one drabble? No idea. Hah, I don’t even know if it’s possible to read and understand. I really hope it’s not too complicated xD Sigh. Anyway, it was kind of an experiment, so everyone’s opinion is more than greatly appreciated! In other words, COMMENT AND I’LL LOVE YOU!

This is dedicated to theresa_lynne~



“Minnie,” You moaned out my name as I continued my assault on your mouth, my hands gently tugging at the apron that hung on your lean body. “The cookies…”

I easily ignored the vivid image of your beyond delicious chocolate chip cookies, that sat less than a foot away from me in the oven. “Min, they’re gonna burn…”

If there was one thing I liked more than your cooking, it’s you. “Forget the damn cookies JaeJoong.” You wanted this as much as I did, we both knew that.

I succeeded in releasing you from the pink apron, branded with letters that read “Kiss the Chef”,  that made you look completely gay and yet so irresistibly sexy, before unbuttoning your shirt and attacking your nipples.

“Having all the fun without me?” I could feel Yunho’s hot breath on my neck and it made me smirk into your chest.

“I can share,” At my words, Yunho dropped to his knees next to me, taking one of your nipples into his mouth, making you moan.

“B-bed… room.” You could barely speak as I scrapped my teeth over your sensitive bud and smiled.

I got up, pulling Yunho with me, and led our little group into the nearest bedroom. Once in there I turned to completely undress you but was pushed onto the bed instead.

“Minnie, let your hyungs do all the work.” You winked before crawling on top of me, Yunho right next to you.

I arched my back against you, our hips thrusting against each other, as Yunho captured my lips, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth and muffling my moans. I barely noticed my shirt being shed until I felt four hands gliding over my skin.

Soon, we had all discarded our clothes, now being skin on skin. We were too engulfed in our current situation to notice the door open.

“Chunnie,” Junsu moaned into the boy’s ear.

“Do you like that Shu?” Yoochun wrapped his arms around the younger boy, his hands finding their way under his shirt. Junsu melted into the warmth of the body behind him. “Are they making you hot baby?” His hands were now on Junsu’s belt buckle, expertly undoing it.

The rather loud clunk of the belt buckle hitting the wooden floor made me look up at the couple standing at the door. My attention however, was thrown back to the bed as I felt your cold, slick finger probe my entrance. I moaned and arched my back, inviting you.

I only slightly noticed the absence of our leader as he made his way over to the couple at the door.

Yunho pushed his body up against Junsu, making all three of them moan as Junsu’s ass was pushed into Yoochun’s crotch. Junsu’s shirt was quickly thrown to the floor by an impatient Yoochun, and his pants pulled down by Yunho, who came back up for a lasting kiss.

Yoochun moaned when he looked at us on the bed, your mouth around my length and my hands in your hair.

Slowly, Yoochun detached himself from the kissing couple and made his way around to Yunho, planting kisses along Junsu’s shoulder and then Yunho’s. Yunho’s shirt fell to the floor, followed quickly by his pants. After removing his own clothes, Yoochun returned to his place behind Junsu.

“JaeJoong I-I’m going to-”

“Not yet,” Your face was now aligned with mine; I could feel your breath on my face. “Inside me…” I took that as cue to take over, and did just that, pulling you beneath me and switching places.

You moaned my name as my hands roamed your body, caressing and teasing. I pulled my body up, yours with me, and balanced myself on my knees, making you do the same. I could tell by the sounds behind me that we were not the only ones having fun, and decided to let you have a peek.

I gently pulled you to my other side, positioning you at the end of the bed so that you were facing the occupied door way, and leaned on your back, planting kisses along your shoulder blades.

My cock slipped into you easily, despite the lack of prep and the very thin coat of your saliva as lubricant, making you moan in painful pleasure.

“Chu-nnie…” Junsu was now taking Yoochun from behind and had his cock buried within Yunho’s hot mouth. “H-harder!”

It would have been thought impossible to obey such command, considering Yoochun was already ramming with all might into Junsu’s ass, if he hadn’t actually doubled his pace, truly showing the world that nothing is impossible.

The feel of your walls contracting around my sheathed length made me return my attention to us.

“Shit Changmin!” You pushed back onto me once more before losing your load to the sheets beneath you.

Your cry of release triggered a chorus of moans and screams.

Junsu came in Yunho’s mouth, who greedily swallowed every drop, and Yoochun grunted after a few more thrusts and followed cue.

The sight of Junsu’s pleasure stricken face, the dribble of cum from the side of Yunho’s mouth, Yoochun’s hands roaming over Junsu’s oversensitive body and your fingers around my member made me scream as I came.

The room was then filled with a chorale of pants. I let my torso lean on your back as I slid out of you and took a look around the room.

Your face was pressed into your forearm as your chest heaved with your heaving breathing, Junsu was giggling into the crook of Yoochun’s neck, and Yunho—

“Yunnie,” I whined at the man who was staring at Junsu and Yoochun hungrily. “You still…”

You beat me to it. Still panting hard, you trotted cutely up to Yunho and dragged him back to the bed.

“Jung Yunho, we are going to give you the blow job of your life.” I saw the pink from the corner of my eye and smiled at you.

I watched as you took your mouth with his, as your fingers trailed down his body slowly, his neglected cock twitching with anticipation. I crawled closer, my hand joining yours as Yunho moaned into the now silent room.

Your mouth disengaged his and found mine, one of his hands finding the back of my neck and pulling me down with him. Our cheeks were now pressed against Yunho’s chest as our tongues battled. He moaned again.

We broke apart and set to work, each taking a nipple into our hot mouths and working our way down, leaving butterfly kisses and slippery licks in our wake.

I felt a finger prod me and by the sound of your whimper I guess your ass is as occupied as mine.   

Finally reaching our destination, our mouths meet at the base of his hard member, our tongues meeting around it.

My nails dug into Yunho’s skin when someone’s slick length slid into me. I gasped and looked back to meet Yoochun’s dark eyes. He smirked at me, before thrusting.

I clamped my eyes shut, my head snapping back to its original position, hovering above Yunho’s throbbing cock. Cracking my eyes open, I saw you had taken Yunho completely into your mouth, and Junsu in your ass.

I moaned when Yoochun brushed against my sweet spot.

I decided to join you and licked your cheek. Your eyes stared into mine, twinkling, and you slid your mouth off of Yunho much to his discontent.

Moans escaped your now empty mouth and I could hear two others moaning behind us. I thrust back onto Yoochun.

I took your mouth with mine, practically kissing with Yunho’s cock between us. Yunho’s erratic high pitched screams told us we were doing something right and decided to keep at it.  

Absentmindedly, my fingers found their way to his entrance, and began poking softly. When Yoochun slammed into me, the tip of my finger slipped in and he pushed back, taking my whole finger.

I could feel the heat gathering in the pit of my abdomen and you spoke my thoughts. “Ugh— Junsu, I’m so close-” My other hand gently wrapped around your cock and tugged lightly.

You screamed and once again were the first to come, in my hand. The vibrations from your squealing made Yunho tighten around my finger and cum into our awaiting mouths.

Yoochun slammed into me again and shot deep within me, pushing me over the edge and making me almost choke on Yunho’s cum.

I heard Junsu’s grunt as he thrust once more into you, being the last to cum.  


Our bodies were tangled under the covers, our sweat mixing and coating us with a messy substance.

“Do you smell something?” Junsu sniffed the hair and I giggled.

“SHIT! MY COOKIES!” You hollered and I had to grab you around the waist to keep you from racing, butt naked, into the kitchen.

I silenced your protest with my mouth and stroked your hair gently. You giggled.

I whispered against your ear.

“I’d rather eat something else…”

<333 Happy Birthday! <333   *dies of exhaustion*


Tags: author: p, genre: smut, length: oneshot, rating: nc17, with: ot5

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