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No Other Way


Once in a while, the four elders get worried about their youngest. The cutest, innocent, wide eyed Choikang Chang Min.

When they first debuted, Chang Min grew up far too fast. Always taking what manager-shi or the fans say seriously. He trains harder when he fails to do a task at hand, works more than what all of them can take together, even if its just this tiny glitch. In the end he combusts into a ball of flames, locking himself in his room for hours and never coming out to eat. The other four can hear his sobs though the thin walls and their hearts ache with so much pain and longing to comfort their little one. When Yun Ho knocks, slowly at first then a little harder, they hear Chang Min take a deep breath before trying to make up excuses. He’s tired, he says. Leave me alone.

Jae Joong stays up all night waiting for him, right in front of his door, some kimchi jiggae at hand. When Chang Min unlocks his door and comes out, Jae doesn’t move. He doesn’t want to scare Chang Min. Chang Min looks terrible, eyes bloodshot and hair in a mess. He spots his hyung just as he is a few steps away from the kitchen. Their eyes meet and Chang Min breaks down but Jae Joong is already there to catch him, soothe him with soft words and rub his back. Chang Min keeps apologizing, his fists desperately rubbing at his eyes and his legs trembling.

A second later the other three come out of the door, eyes looking worried but no sign of sleep there for twenty four hours. Yun Ho is the first one to move. Thank god, he whispers to himself and strides over to hug his friend. Yoo Chun and Jun Su have already started running by the time Yun Ho has enveloped Jae Joong and Chang Min. They stay there for a long time, each of them giving Chang Min promises and a finger to wipe away the tears. We love you Minnie, they chorus.

The five of them sleep on the king sized bed made up from two connected singles that night and wake up in the morning with kinks in their necks, a leg in their face or an arm on their ass.

And they would not have it any other way.

I'm bored, some prompts please? I never write much.
Tags: author: d, genre: drama, length: oneshot, rating: pg, with: ot5
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