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Title: Forever
Author: Me
Genre: angst and fluff... I guess xD
Rating: PG-ish, maybe a little higher because of the straightforwardness
Disclaimer: They boys are mine ... RAWR~     [ If only... ]

A/N :: This is dedicated to my imouto-chan miwa_chan whom I absolutely adore and love to death.  I love you imouto!!! <33



Part 1
S e l f  H a t e


Enough was enough. A person can only pretend to be something they’re not for so long before exploding. And explode he did.

The door to his room had been locked since yesterday, and he planned for it to stay that way until he died of hunger or something. Changmin hated himself for his current situation. Being an emotional wreck is nothing new. But for his emotions to decide to go ballistic at such a high point in his career was not a good sign.

He curled up even more into himself, if that was possible. He hadn’t even noticed that he had begun shaking until a knock at his door made him jump.

“Changmin!” The youngest of the household dug his face into his hands, ignoring the eldest.

He would go away. They all had eventually.

Changmin knew he couldn’t blame his hyungs for slowly drifting away as his worthless-ness in the band got more apparent. They really didn’t need him, and would be better off if he were to leave.

The boy felt tears slide down his face.

No matter what role he played, it was never enough. The cute, innocent boy he used to be didn’t please anyone, and now, the too-mature-for-his-age image wasn’t working either. Everything he tried back fired on him. He got cut out of interview or talk shows, got smaller parts in songs, and even got less frames in photo shoots.

The painfully plain truth was so obvious is seared in his veins. They didn’t need him at all.

And sleep engulfed him.

And in the end we’re all alone
To fight ourselves, by ourselves




Part 2
T h e  F i v e  R i s i n g  G o d s  o f  t h e  E a s t


“Changmin,” Hot air swirled around his neck as he awoke, and his eyes shot open in alarm. “Our beautiful, little Changminnie,” Soft fingers brushed his bangs out of his face tenderly.

The soft voice of his eldest hyung rang in his ears like an angel’s voice.

And that’s when he noticed the weight of four others on his bed, bodies tangled with his, their breathing almost on cue as if they were one.

“Guys…” Changmin’s voice caught in his throat, and his eyes began to swell with tears again.

“Minnie, don’t cry.” Junsu smiled at him while wiping the crystalline drops from his face, before snuggling into him once again.

Changmin looked at JaeJoong who lay next to him, snuggled into his side. JaeJoong’s arms stretched across the length of Changmin’s chest, his fingers entwined with Junsu’s.

“Min,” Yoochun looked up at him from his spot on Changmin’s stomach, hugging his lower side across from Yunho. “Don’t be sad ok?”

Yoochun flashed his dongsaeng a wholehearted smile before resting his head once again on his stomach.

Yunho tightened his grip while glancing at Changmin’s face. “Whatever it is, we’ll fight it together.”

Changmin’s heart swelled in his chest. The simple fact that they were all there, unaware of his problem, but willing to help nonetheless, made him realize how utterly stupid he really was.

They started out together, and would end together.

There were no exceptions; no but’s or what if’s . There was just them. The five Rising Gods of the East.

Nothing and no one could change that. Ever.

“Minnie,” Changmin’s eyes were barely open as he looked at JaeJoong’s face. His eyes were closed and his chest moved up and down against Changmin’s chest.

“Yeah hyung?”

The eldest smiled.

“We love you,” The words made him smile. “Forever.”

Friends are the biggest strength we have
When we stand alone, they are by our sides
When we cry, they smile
And when we can’t fight ourselves, they help us

Tags: author: p, genre: angst, genre: fluff, length: oneshot, rating: pg, with: ot5
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