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Fic, "Of Watermelon Lipgloss, Espionage, and a Pair of Sparkly Purple Heels", 18/40

Title: Of Watermelon Lipgloss, Espionage, and a Pair of Sparkly Purple Heels
Author: awoken / Raven
Bands: DBSK, The TRAX/The Romanticist (/Solo? Minwoo).
Pairings: Min/OFC, Jae/various OMCs, JaeHo, brief JungmoMin, MinSu, YooMin, maybe some HoSu, YooSu, eventual JaeMin, JayChun, YunChun, JungmoSu, JungwooMinwoo... Possibility of more. The current pairings are only speculation (except for JaeMin, JaeHo, MinSu, JungmoMin). JaeMin is the main focus.
Rating: PG-13 for language and content. Subject to change as plot progresses.
Genre: AU. Set in high school.
Word-Count: 5077
Warnings: RPS. Deals with pretty blatant homosexuality. Homophobia, drug/alcohol abuse, abusive relationships, fistfights, and characters getting their asses whooped included. Aaaangst. **FLUFFY!JAEHO WARNING**
Summary: Sometimes you just can't be too afraid to look for the love that's standing right in front of you. Changmin is still having trouble deciding who he wants to be with, and Jaejoong really isn't helping.
Fandom Courtesy: 2.2

( Chapter the eighteenth )
Tags: author: a, genre: alternate universe, length: chaptered, rating: pg13, with: junsu, with: yoochun, with: yunho
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