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Title: Fantasy
By: Perriwynkkle
Pairing: JaeMin (One-Shot)
Genre: Comedy, Lemon
Rating: R
Summary: Jaejoong and Changmin share something more than a smile

Pushing the younger boy down against the floor, Jaejoong plumaged Changmin’s hot mouth for all it was worth. Teeth grinded against each other as two tongues dueled it out for supremacy of a hot cavern quickly undulating and taking prisoner of the mind of whom it belonged. Changmin’s eyes glazed over and shut to half mass as the man above him pulled up the hem of his shirt to sit around his armpits to pinch and pull at his nipples, making them plump and hard for the laving tongue.
Jaejoong’s hot need pressed against Changmin’s thigh as Jaejoong pulled and tugged his hands through Changmin’s long brown locks on top of his head once again kissing him, drinking in his presence. The younger boy had grown so much in the past five years they had lived together, from a small, scrawny, cutie-pie…to a downright sexy hunk that anyone would give their left lung to bang. Jaejoong couldn’t help but pounce on this creature that just oozed sexuality.
Running his hands down Changmin’s thighs, Jaejoong continued gasping into Changmin’s mouth as he grabbed the younger’s need, pumping his fist in time to the music in his head. A gasp was heard coming from Changmin’s lips as Jaejoong’s fist kept pumping, and his mouth kept kissing swollen lips. As the hand kept moving up and down, Changmin’s gasps kept getting longer and louder, until they transformed into a call of “Jaejoong, Jaejoong, Jaejoong you alright?”
Jae stopped his pumping as he blinked in confusion. You don’t ask if your “alright” during sex…you just…and Jaejoong realized where he was. Blinking, Changmin came into focus sitting in front of Jaejoong, fork in hand as he stared nonchalantly at his band mate.
“Hey Jae? Hey alive in there?” Changmin asked as he waved his fork in front of his hyung’s face. “You zooned out there for a sec, thought I had lost you!” Changmin chuckled as his mouth took a piece of cake off the fork.
Jaejoong shook his head, the foggy fantasy still replaying in the back of his mind.
‘Damn that Changmin for making eating cake look so very naughty’ Jaejoong thought as he took a deep breath.
“Hyung…your face is really red…are you getting sick?” Changmin asked as he stood up to put his cake dish in the sink.
“I-I-I’m fine Min, why would you think anything is wrong?”
Changmin shrugged and said while walking out of the room,
“You groaned my name…if you wanted cake you could have just asked.”
The sound of a head hitting wood followed behind the quiet click of Changmin’s door.
Jaejoong sat for a second, soon hearing footsteps on the kitchen floor.
“Jae?” Yoochun asked as he sat next to his band mate. “What’s up, you look a little pale.”
Jaejoong looked into the face of his friend and replied with a smile,
“Have you ever dated someone younger?"


Tags: author: p, genre: humor, length: oneshot, rating: r
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