December 13th, 2015

  • cho_ren

Fic search!

Hello there,
I'm requesting your help to search for a fic I read long ago I don't seem to find it, I don't remember the name, I remember the story but it's hazy I want to read it again.
So the story was Changmin is a sportsman which game I don't remember and jaejoong is a business man and they somehow end up being roommates, at first they don't like each other but slowly they start falling for each other and all of sudden jaejoong leaves Changmin and then after some years they met each other again and Changmin pursues jaejoong but Jae refuses due to their appa, I also remember junsu as Jae's brother and Yunho junsu's bf, there was brief Changmin/kibum in the start if I'm not wrong and kyuhyun as a bad man.... Something like that I hope I haven't mixed two storylines together please help if u guys know this fic.....