November 4th, 2015


Title : Destiny-2
Pairing : Jaemin
Rating : PG-13
Length : oneshot (long)
Summary: Prompt #1 by Jaeminism
Changmin is the heir of Shim industry who is tired of his work. He wishes to live his life differently but doesn't want to disappoint his Dad. On the other hand Jaejoong is a jobless man who is enjoying his life but his Dad wants him to earn money. He has his degree and everything to get a job but he is too lazy and dumb to actually do an office job. So his best friend gives him the idea to earn money in the easiest way - kidnap a rich guy and demand money from his family. So there you go.... Jae kidnaps Min. In the beginning Min would be thinking of ideas to escape... But later he'll get fond of Jae's dumbness and simplicity and the way Min lives his life. < Yeah that's all I have in mind.

Author’s note : 1) dedicated to jaeminism who gave me the prompt. Thank you ! Hope you like it !
2) I hesitated between two ends, one cheesy and full of crack, the other more psychological and sentimental, I think. So I made two stories with the same prompt. The first part is very similar in both stories, but the second is completely different. You can either choose the one you want to read, or read both of them. I will post them as two different stories. (the other is coming up, tomorrow I hope)


Title : Ouija
Pairing : Jaemin, past Yoomin, Yoosu, Homin (brotherly)
Genre : Alternative Universe, humor, a bit of fluff, also supernatural ?
Rating : PG-13
Summary : Changmin, Yunho’s stepbrother, doesn’t understand why his hyung keeps rejecting him. Jaejoong, Changmin’s best friend, is too busy trying to hide his feelings for him to be able to help him. Yoochun and Junsu, Changmin’s friends, will help him figure out everything by using an Ouija board.
Author’s note : I wanted to make chibi dbsk but my English is too poor for that. So I settled for 12-13 years old characters. I hope you like it :)