September 13th, 2015

Gamble: Sun

Author: KeepCalmN_AKTF
Title: Gamble
Length: TripleShot (2/3)
Pairing: JaeMin
Rating: PG
Genre: au, fluff, drama, cliché!
Disclaimer: Read and enjoy - don't take credit for my work.
Warnings: None.
Summary: “I have something that belongs to you.”

The last time Changmin had been on this street, it was three years ago and he was chasing a petty thief. That event had been long forgotten and he’d not dwelled on whether he was right to let it go or not. Besides he was too busy sorting out his life, dealing with a break-up and job promotion to be thinking of a rainy night long ago.

"I have something that belongs to you."