May 14th, 2015


Wedding Bells [1/9]

Title: Wedding bells
Author: Melodia <3
Pairing: JaeMin - Yunho/OC
Length: ~10
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, romance, humour, yaoi...
Disclaimer: I only own them in my dreams. Story plot is mine ~
Author comment: All the wedding stories are either mushy or angsty, I just wanted a fun simple one~
This is a very-late Christmas present for Randomcassie, my dear dongsaengie who wanted it, so I hope it won't be too disappointing.

CrossPosted on AFF
Description: Hyewon, Jaejoong's best friend is getting married with Yunho. Changmin is Yunho's best man. Jaejoong never met the man, but he never imagined it would be such a big deal until the fateful day of the wedding.

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