February 5th, 2015

  • renleon

[Search] I can't seem to remember...

All I can remember of the story was that Jaejoong, at the beginning, was looking for a new room mate, and along came Changmin. When they initially started living together Jaejoong noticed a lot of strange quirks that Changmin has such as a lot of hair, he locks himself in his room once (?) a month, his cat hates Changmin... etc. And, one morning Jaejoong cracked a joke that maybe Changmin was a werewolf- only, instead of laughing, Changmin affirmed his joking suspicion. That he was indeed a werewolf.

And, then there was this scene where Jaejoong brings home a date, and it happens to be on the day of the full (?) moon.

Help please? I can't seem to remember the title. ^^~


Oh! And there was this other story. I'm not certain that it was a JaeMin, but I do believe it was. I can't remember much of it at all, only that I really enjoyed reading it. Also, it may have been incomplete.

Changmin was born and raised in a military family. He even attended military schools.

Haha, anybody know what this is? :'D