April 10th, 2013

Min not cute

[challenge fic] Play Along

Title: Play Along (Part 1/13)
Rating: G
Genre: AU, fantasy, eventual romance
Prompt: #17: Deadline
Word Count: 652
Notes: Um... yeah. I don't know where this idea came from. I apologize in advance. But this is gonna be a short chaptered fic for the challenge, one challenge word per chap. I already have the words picked out and the fic basically planned out, so... hopefully y'all like it. ^^;
Summary: Changmin does not believe in magic; he's far too old for that, and he's always been more of the logical sort anyway. Until one night when he wishes his annoying step-brother away and is suddenly swept into a world of mystery, fantasy, frustration, adventure, and eventually... love. (Inspired by the movie Labyrinth.)

It's not adding up to any logical sense, so hallucination it is.