December 8th, 2012


Can someone help me?

I'm trying to find fic I've read some time ago. I hope somebody knows what fic I'm talking about.

It started as a YunJae, Jea was living with Yunho and his younger brother Changmin. Yunho was really awful to Jae for quite some time, but Changmin were there for him to make him smile again. Unintentionally Jae and Min became Jaemin and left rude Jung alone. Yunho wanted his Jae back and in the meantime was with Karam whose face reminded him of his ex lover. Then something happened and Min lost his memories. Yunho lied to Min that he was Karam's boyfriend and Jae was Yunho's. Fortunately everything ended with lovely JaeMin...

I'm really desperate to read this fic again but I have no idea where to look for it...

please, please help me ^^