November 19th, 2012

  • 2peysta

Fateful Meeting 9/9 + Epilogue

Title: Fateful Meeting
Author(s): Sevy and Asiafreak1991
Rating: PG-13 / NC-17
Genre: AU, Romance, Drama, Humour,M-preg (from this chapter on)
Pairing: JaeMin, onesided!Min7en, hints of JaeChull, BFF!JaeChun, BFF!MinSu, Bro!HoMin
Warnings: None of the characters belong to me (sadly) ... and since this is my first fanfic, please be gentle with the throwing of things *gets helmet ready*
Summary: It began as an innocent love that had no time to evolve, being shortly followed by a heartbreaking separation, and only years after, by a fateful meeting. Will they fight for their love or choose to obediently follow their already chosen paths by their powerfull families ?

[He feels betrayed and the tears won’t stop pouring from his eyes. He finaly remembers, he’s finaly regained his memories back. And so his thoughts come back to the present and the situation he’s in. Even if he regained his memories, it doesn’t change a thing. He’s still pregnant with Jaejoong’s child, and Jaejoong still doesn’t love him.]

The Calm Chapter 20

Title: The Calm
Author: JessaAndHerAddiction
Rating/s: PG13-R
Genre: Heavy Drama, Romance, Flashbacks, Angst, Sex tape.
Pairing: ChangMin and JaeJoong

"How can we survive if we're already ruined?"

It's one of those dark times where you don't know if you'll survive in the end. They're stuck in a trance, in a worlds of war between the press and the media. Their lives are affected, and their families and relatives are clouded with shame. For once, one thing from the past has haunted them because of a sex tape that was leaked and spread out like a wildfire.

Love between both men has no place or tolerance in their country. There is no escape and they must face it, together.


“Vaginas are overrated. I swear, they are so fucking overrated… I mean… What the hell right? You fuck then a girl gets pregnant, aiyoo~~~ I swear, someday… SOMEDAY! Mark my words, men will all be hermaprodiles---


“The term is hermaphrodite, idiot.”