September 25th, 2012

Fic Search ;A;

Recently I've been looking for a fic I read about a year ago.

It starts off with JJ getting captured by soldiers in a forest(?), his mother(or friend) had been killed or he was seperated from them. The soldiers take him to this camp or something, where Changmin finds him and takes him home in a limo. Apperantly, they speak different languages and Changmin treats him pretty bad, using him as a slave. This was a rated fic. Anyway, you meet Yoochun, who is Mins bff, married to this random chick, and a powerful figure (I think he's the son of someone important?). Uh. I remember Changmin was like a construction firm thing or something owner. And I think he's clearing out this forest to build something for the rich in this other place. But Min has ulterior motives or something. So he sends JJ to be trained under Yunho who speaks JJ's mother language. I think he does this so he can send JJ to assassinate someone or something. And Min sleeps with Yoochun's wife and I think he gets her pregnant. This was also for some ulterior motive thing.

This is all I remember about the fic U__________________U I could have sworn I had bookmarked it but I can't find it now ;A;

Thank you very much!

Interview with JoongShim Couple

Title : Interview with JoongShim Couple
Pairing : JaeMin, Mention of YunJae and MinSu (Just to keep it safe)
Genre : Crack, fluff?!
Warning : Lame and random as usual.

A/N : This is random.. and lame... and I don't know anymore. I just felt like merging these videos because JaeMin are wearing similar clothing. So cuteeee no? And this crazy idea came to my mind. Ahh ignore this... Thanks to waterpulse for improvising it. No offense to anyone. It was written purely for fun.

Changmin : I don’t like men, okay? So there is no way JoongShim is real.