August 17th, 2012


If You Could See What I See - Chapter 51

Title: If You Could See What I See
Chapter: 51/?
Pairings: JaeMin, HoSu, JaeSu (past), YooMin bff
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Length: Chaptered

Summary: They both gave up on love, one thinking that he doesn’t deserve it and the other unable to let go of a painful past. As Changmin and Jaejoong slowly discover in the other something they weren’t aware they needed, they don’t know yet that their growing feelings will get tangled in a web of secrets. And that it may change everything in a merciless fight between truth and power.

It's probably the most perfect Jaejoong's life had ben.

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You & I

Title: You and I (Embrace in the Far Away Dream)
Genre: AU Fantasy
Rating: PG13
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: 3/12?
Warning: Unbeta-ed, Profanity
Summary: Little JaeJoong wants to be an angel. “If I can return all of your tears back into the sea, will the sins and pain be forgotten too?”(Butterfly Kiss Rave)

1A / 1B

Two A; In which JaeJoong dreams of red and pearl white and manages to make it to school on time.

The Calm Chapter 4

Title: The Calm
Author: JessaAndHerAddiction
Rating/s: PG13-R
Genre: Heavy Drama, Romance, Flashbacks, Angst, Sex tape.
Pairing: ChangMin and JaeJoong

"How can we survive if we're already ruined?"

It's one of those dark times where you don't know if you'll survive in the end. They're stuck in a trance, in a worlds of war between the press and the media. Their lives are affected, and their families and relatives are clouded with shame. For once, one thing from the past has haunted them because of a sex tape that was leaked and spread out like a wildfire.

Love between both men has no place or tolerance in their country. There is no escape and they must face it, together.


“Hyung…. You’re comfier and warmer than a blanket….” ChangMin responded, voice all soft and gentle. “You know that right?” And once JaeJoong heard ChangMin’s whisper…. That night…. Was anything else but sleepless.