August 5th, 2012

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Beginnings in San Fransicsco - Chapter 2

Title: Beginnings in San Francisco 
Pairing: Jaemin (jaejoong/changmin) uke!min ; seme!jae
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Description: Jaejoong is a Korean Transferee at a prestigious school in the outskirts of San Francisco. Changmin is a high school student under the high school department of that same university. Jaejoong felt out-of place, Changmin blended in just fine. Jaejoong had no friends, Changmin had many. Nobody knew Jaejoong, Everyone knew Changmin. It's strange how fast the tables can turn. But in the end, no amount of friends or popularity can replace the other. Though things might have turned out a little too messy by the time they realize this. 

A/N: LOL KYUHYUN'S A HYUNG HERE OKAY. OTL sorry I failed so much with this 

Chapter 1
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help me please ^0^

could anyone help me search this fic....

Jae is boss mafia and Min too, but different district
and then Jae is fall in love with Min when they first met to got deal in agreement (I think?)
there is HoSu too, Yunho is a police in his disguise and Junsu is friend with Min
Yunho has a wife but not loves with her......

I just remember that....
if you happen know this, please tell me O^O

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