July 28th, 2012


[Fic] Ballad of the Moon : 1

Title: Ballad of the Moon
Pairing: Jaemin, Yoomin 
Length: Chapter 1/?
Genre: fantasy, adventure, angst,drama
Disclaimer: idea based on goose-girl fairy tale ~

Summary: Changmin has no control over his life as he's forced to leave his home to become the escort of the Crown Prince in a faraway land. Before he can even reach his destination, he's betrayed by his own guard and barely escapes death, finding himself alone and forgotten in a dark forsaken land where magic is real and even the moon has deserted the sky.

A/N: i know other stories are waiting for updates, but this is writing itself. -0- so going with it :D ~ the first chapter is background and a little slow, but i promise it will pick up from chapter 2! enjoy~~


Chapter 1