July 21st, 2012

SNSD - Sooyoung [peace bitches]

[MOD POST] - introductions, changes and challenges

Hey there everyone, I am lightly one of your new mods. Myself, jyllchan and haizul will be your new overlords, we are happy to meet you.

One of the first things we propose to do is change the layout and for that we would like some input from all of you. My amazing new co mods have created some fantastic new headers from the comm and we would like you all to choose which one we use first. If you could please take a look under the cut and then cast your decision in the poll.

Collapse )

Another thing we mods would like to do is some challenges. What kinds of challenges would you guys like to see? And when abouts would you like to see them done?

And lastly do you guys have any suggestions? Anything you would like to see us do? ...just don't ask me to dance, the result is never pretty :)

ETA: Poll is now closed, thank you to everyone who participated. If you didn't get a chance to vote on the new header, don't worry, you will get a chance next time.

Please bear with me for about 15 or so minutes while I fiddle with the layout.