June 16th, 2012

Plaid Shoes

[fic] Bonzo [nc-17]

Title Bonzo.
Pairing Yunho/Jaejoong - Yunho/Yoochun - Jaejoong/Changmin - Junsu/Yoochun
Warning Infidelity. Sex.
Rating NC-17
Summary Yunho and Jaejoong are married with a son named Haesik. Yunho’s medical duties are stressing him out, and Jaejoong doesn’t have as much time to spare on intimacy as he used to, causing Yunho to turn to infidelity in an old friend named Yoochun, working as a Lawyer in a firm around the corner. Junsu is the new intern for the law firm and is beginning to show a romantic interest in Yoochun while Changmin is hired as a nanny to pick up on the duties that Yunho is so suddenly neglecting around his and Jaejoong‘s house. Throughout it all, Bonzo, Jaejoong’s dog, is the only one clear enough to see straight, and even he catches himself chasing his tail from time to time. (A/N inside)

(2/10) Amongster