June 15th, 2012


[Fic] The Three Kisses - chapter 8

Title: The three kisses
Pairing(s): Everyone/Changmin
Length: Chaptered (8/?)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: drama, romance, angst

Summary: Someone’s writing Changmin love letters. How’s he supposed to identify his admirer when all four of his band mates seem like the one?

A/N: this chapter didn't originally exist, but got some lovely comments that changed my mind about where to take this, and thank you so much <3...that being said i hope this isn't just a boring waste of words TT *wail*

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Chapter 8


If You Could See What I See - Chapter 37

Title: If You Could See What I See
Chapter: 37/?
Pairings: JaeMin, HoSu, JaeSu (past), YooMin bff
Rating: PG-13 ; warning: character death
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Length: Chaptered

Summary: They both gave up on love, one thinking that he doesn’t deserve it and the other unable to let go of a painful past. As Changmin and Jaejoong slowly discover in the other something they weren’t aware they needed, they don’t know yet that their growing feelings will get tangled in a web of secrets. And that it may change everything in a merciless fight between truth and power.

Today, it has been twelve years.

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